Common Causes of Acne

Acne2At the present time, a lot of people who have pimples are not aware of the common causes of acne. For that reason, they have difficulty in identifying what is the most effective treatment for them.

As a matter of fact, teenagers are more prone to having pimples because of the developing hormones in their body. This only means that the main cause of pimples is the hormone imbalance. This cannot be prevented because you cannot actually control the production of hormones. This is also one reason why majority of the people rely on various medications that can be bought in various drug stores, even if they are aware that it has several side effects.

Making use of strong facial cleansers is also one cause because of the chemicals that irritates the skin pores. Even though it is effective for some, they can observe that there are changes that are happening on their face. They are not aware that this is not good because the healthy and new skin cells are also eliminated. You should not rely on various cosmetic products that can be bought in the market most especially if you do not know what type of skin you have.

Putting on heavy makeup also has to do with the production of pimples. This is because the skin pores are also irritated. This is the reason why you are advices to wash your face before you go to sleep so that you will be able to remove the chemicals that can also irritate and aggravate your skin. These are the common causes of acne, but you should also be aware that the food you are eating is also included. Fatty foods and oily foods should also be avoided. It is important that you will modify your eating habits so that you can prevent the occurrence of pimples.

Too much exposure to a dusty and polluted environment is the least. It is essential that you always maintain a proper hygiene because if you will not do this, you will certainly have pimples. On the other hand, people who have pimples already have a very low self confidence and self esteem because they are ashamed to face others. They thought that they might only embarrass themselves. As a matter of fact, some can no longer go out of their houses because they are irritated with their appearance. The common causes of acne cannot be prevented if you will not control yourself.

There is nothing wrong if you want to visit or consult your dermatologist because they will be the one who will be providing you with an effective treatment and intervention. You should not rely on various medications, unless prescribed by your dermatologist or physician. These are the few common causes of acne that is usually applicable to everyone. The only thing that you can do is to modify a healthy and clean lifestyle so that you will be able to prevent the occurrence of pimples. Of course, everyone wants to have a clean and pimple free face.

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