Four Types of Acne


A lot of people already have a very low self esteem and self confidence because of the pimples that they have. They are not aware that there are four types of acne, which can help determine what type of acne they have and which treatment is right for them.

At the present time, people who have pimples are very conscious because they can no longer face the public because they thought that they might only be embarrassed. This is the reason why you should be aware of the various kinds of acne so that you will have an idea on what is the appropriate treatment that you can have.

The first of the four types of acne is the mild acne. This consists of several whiteheads and blackheads but without any inflammation or redness. However, you might have a tiny scattering of small pimples on your nose and forehead. If this will not be treated immediately, this might proceed into moderate acne. Second is the moderate acne. This is characterized with a small reddened and inflamed pimple, which is located on the chest, face and back. If the blemishes are not well treated constantly, or if you scrubbed or squeezed it, you might just irritate and worsen your pimples into severe acne.

The characteristics of severe acne are noticeably inflamed and red, and it naturally infects the chest, back, neck and face. Keep in mind that the inflammation is deeper in this stage. When you squeeze the nodules, it may cause scarring. In some cases, severe acne cannot really be treated effectively with some drugs that can be bought in various drugs stores or markets. It is better if you will be visiting your dermatologist for proper treatment and intervention. They are the ones who will be providing you with some advices that can be very helpful and useful for you.

On the other hand, the fours type is considered to be very severe acne from the four types of acne, which is called cystic acne. Every individual who has this condition will have pustules, papules and nodules on the chest, neck, back, face and in the upper arms. The cysts grow under the surface of your skin and may be very painful. The most common problem in this stage is scarring. This is the reason why it is important to comply with the treatment and intervention that were given by your dermatologist or physician. You do not want to end isolated because of the pimples that you have in your body.

However, treatments and interventions that were given will not work effectively if you will not be able to modify a healthy lifestyle. It is important to eat nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits. You should also reduce fatty and oily foods because this will also have an effect to the production of pimples. It is important to know the four types of acne so that you will know what the right treatment is because treatments in different types also vary according to the condition of your skin.

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