Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – Facts and Myths

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Most children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD have learning problems, this is obviously because of their lack of ability to pay attention, follow instructions and complete given tasks.

In addition, those kids with this condition, especially boys are known to be disruptive, making them unpopular with their colleagues. Most people in the society criticize kids with this condition, teachers and other parents who don’t understand ADHD correct kids with this condition because they believe their actions and behavior were intentional. It is the combination of negative feedback, poor academic performance, social criticisms and un-acceptance that makes kids with this behavioral condition to have a very low self-esteem and develop emotional problems.

Although no one knows exactly the cause of this condition, it is always good to discuss the characteristics of this disorder to help parents and people to understand the situation of kids with this disorder and help them cope with it. This article will separate myths from facts about ADHD.

Contrary to its meaning, ADHD is not a real Disorder

Professionals still debate about this condition, the American Psychiatric Society categorized this condition as a medical disorder. However the National Institutes of Health and Department of Education recognizes this condition as a legitimate disorder. The truth is, ADHD is biologically based.

Study shows that this condition results from imbalances of neurotransmitters in the brain of the patient.

The usual symptoms of this condition are hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Hyperactivity can cause a great difficulty when it comes to aspects of daily life, such as usual everyday things like time management and organizational skills.

Kids with ADHD have an unfair advantage in school

Of course those kids with this condition need extra time and effort in the part of their teacher in order for them to learn and digest the lessons in every day of class. The IDEA or Federal Individuals with Disability Educations Act requires teachers, particularly public school teachers, to give students with disabilities, including those with ADHD condition, to have extra time on tests, special teacher accommodation, and extra help to level their playing field for them to learn academically and socially as their normal classmates.

Kids with this condition can outgrow with it

Research says that 30% to 70% of kids with this condition can bring the behavior with them even when they reach adolescence and adulthood. Symptoms of this condition, especially hyperactivity and impulsivity, usually lessen during puberty years. However, this does not mean that the symptoms are completely gone and will never come back. National Institute of Mental Health said that criteria for the condition will still persist until adulthood.

Kids with this condition are stupid

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Benjamin Franklin, Salvador Dali, Abraham Lincoln are believed to have ADHD conditions, and we all know they are not stupid. Though the facts that can prove that those individuals with this disorder are relatively smarter than average students or person are not yet defined. Many individuals with this condition throughout history are known to be geniuses and overachievers. However, there are still no evidences that can bind the link between the disorder and their Intellectual Quotient (IQ). The relationship between the condition and high level of IQ is still on the process of research and debate.

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