Helping Your Daughter Handle ADHD

Helping Your Daughter Handle ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or simply known as ADHD is a behavioral condition in which an individual has hard time to sit still and focus attention on a particular thing or task.

This behavior is usually common on kids; however, those with ADHD show these behaviors more frequently and severely. Though this condition is common in young boys, there are also a significant number of young girls with this condition.

This article will talk more about ADHD in girls and its treatments.

Like in any other disorders, treatment for ADHD should be based on the diagnosis. An evaluation from the doctor can affect not only the patient, but the entire family of the child. It is important to spot for the signs of this disorder in early age, and take your child to proper evaluation and therapy to alleviate the possible problems and consequences of this condition as she grow up.

Girls with this condition have higher risk to experience emotional stresses like depression, which then leads her to doing things to lessen her depression like substance abuse and unwanted pregnancy.

Treating young girls

It is very important to maintain a good relationship with your kids, especially to your daughters. Make it comfortable to the both of you to talk about romantic relationships and sex education, in this way you will be guiding your child the right path where she should take. Also, make sure that you are being a good model to your children; be responsible in your actions.

In treatments and medication, make sure that your doctor explained to you and your daughter the stages of treatment sessions and how the medicines work. If your daughter is on medication, make sure you explain to her the difference of prescribed drugs from illegal drugs. Teach your daughter to never share her medication to other patients, as they may have different adverse effect to other type of condition. Also, when your child shows misbehavior, you should never respond by saying “Did you take your pill?”

A family with history of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses should be attentive for the signs and symptoms of mental and behavior disorder of their kids. This is a way for early medication if there is such problem.

Spend time with your child talking about educational, coaching and other therapeutic options while she’s under medication.

Most girls with ADHD are more curious than ordinary child; they love to learn new things. Compared to boys with this condition, girls are less likely to be troublemakers. Thus, indulge your daughter with educational books and tapes to feed their mind. Some girls choose audiotapes or have their mother or father read books to them.

Social acceptance of the society is one of the most important things for most girls with this condition. Because they are more impulsive and inattentive, usually they have hard time reading social cues, which makes them feel different from other kids. Feeling unpopular can cause a big problem on the child’s self esteem. It is very important that they can find really friends that will understand their condition. In this case, you can help your child by giving her guide books to help her socialize.

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