What ADHD is and is there any Treatment for it?

Majority of the parents who has a special child wants to know what Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is and the treatment to cure the disorder.

What ADHD is

Many parents thought that it is their entire fault because they have a special child. However, they should not blame themselves because this is a health condition that cannot be detected while the fetus is still growing inside the womb of the mother. ADHD is a certain disorder wherein the child has a very short span of attention. The child cannot stay put in a certain place, and he or she cannot accomplish even a single task because there are a lot of things in mind that is diverting his or her attention.

Most of the time, it is very difficult to handle a child who has ADHD because whatever you do, the child will not listen or follow all of your commands. Actually, there is no treatment with this kind of disorder due to the fact that the cognitive thinking and behavior are extremely affected. However, the most reliable thing that you can do is to set limits.

It doesn’t mean that if a child has ADHD, he or she will no longer listen or follow all your orders. There are some rehabilitation centers and special education institutions that can help the parent and the child to cope with the situation. This is the simplest explanation on the question, what is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and is there any treatment.

What is the real cause of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and how to cope with it?

Most of the time, parents who have a special child cannot determine what is the real cause of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and how to cope with it. This is the reason why they have difficulty in dealing with their children. Their children seem to be unable to listen to what they are saying. Most of the time, children with ADHD cannot sit still and do the activity that their parents are instructing them to do. This happens because the child has a lot of things in mind.

The real cause of ADHD is still unknown but it has something to do with genetics or heredity factors. Perhaps, the mother had an accident while she is pregnant or it can also be due to the medication that they are taking. There is no specific treatment that can be done that is why it is important that you will be able to understand and cope with the growth and development of the child. However, it doesn’t mean that they should be spoiled because as a parent you really need to set limitations and time out.

You should not blame yourself if your child is a special child. There may be some reasons why this has to happen. You should still be thankful because you are given a child. Special children should also be taught how to write and read with the help of some institutions. It is essential to know what is the real cause of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and how to cope with it so that you will be able to handle the situation better.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: could it explain your child’s troubles?

For little Ben, school was a constant nightmare filled with constant struggles to stay out of trouble. While his parents, teachers and doctor tried to figure out what was causing his lack of focus and ability to listen in class. It’s a common problem that can lead to years of wasted time and trouble for children and their parents.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most common psychiatric disorders in the world, affecting an estimated 3 – 16% of children globally. And numbers are increasing as more people learn about the symptoms and potential consequences of ignoring this pervasive disorder. Various groups are criticizing the medical profession for diagnosing this disorder too frequently; leading to abuse and dependence on potentially harmful medications to control what might be as simple as a simple case of normal childhood inattentiveness.

Symptoms include

Symptoms include a range of behaviors all based around an inability to hold attention span. For children this can be expressed in many ways. If your child as difficulty concentrating, struggles to sit still or begins displaying troublesome behaviors that lead to trouble at school, it might very well be a case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

There are many comprehensive symptom lists available online, if you suspect your child might have ADHD it might be time to have a closer look at some of these lists and see for yourself if your child meets the basic criteria.

What to do next

The only question that remains is whether or not your child is suffering from ADHD, and if so, what’s your action plan for finding help fast. Don’t let your child suffer through their school career always struggling and in and out of trouble. Visit your GP to see how they can help you to realize your child’s full potential.

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