Tips for Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attack

The feeling of uneasiness, apprehensiveness, and fearfulness are just forms of anxiety. People usually experience these emotions on things and events that can’t seem to see coming or control, these events are usually dangerous or life threatening.

The symptoms of this emotion reflect physically, usually through fidgeting, muscle tension, sleeping problems and even headaches. In severe anxiety, an individual may feel combinations of these feelings; rapid heartbeat, sweating but feeling cold, increase in blood pressure and dizziness.

It is normal to feel tensed when under pressure, all people experience anxiety to some degree. It is our body’s natural response to things we can’t fully understand, it works like an automatic alarm when we feel unsure and unsafe. Though it may be discouraging when feeling anxious, this emotion is not always bad for you.

As a matter of fact, this emotion can help you stay alert and focused on what you are doing. When speaking in front of a big crowd, anxiety can help bring you to the spur of the moment. Allowing you to say whatever you have to say spontaneously.

Severe anxiety is another thing, this is a condition related to group of condition rather than a single disorder. The effect of this may vary from person to person, usually depends on the ability of a person to manage it. Some may have panic attacks without warning, others get panicky even in the thought of mingling to others at a party.

Other people may struggle from intrusive thoughts, others may live in a constant state of tension worrying on specific things they imagine would happen. Panic attacks may come in different forms, but they all boil down to one thing, they can be very unhealthy to a person’s state of mind.

The danger of this emotion though is that, when it constantly overcomes you. When it intervenes with your state of mind in your activities and makes you loose your focus on what you are doing – this is the higher level of anxiety called territory anxiety disorders.

Anxiousness is felt through group of related conditions; it is a combination of disorders that may vary from one person to another. This emotion can be very mind-bugling especially in the kind of situation where most people don’t feel unsecured or threatened.

It doesn’t mean that when you worry you already have anxiety disorders. You may be feeling that way because you are under pressure and stressed or you just had too much coffee. When your lifestyle is always unhealthy and stressful, you are likely to feel anxious.

There are many treatments for anxiety and its disorders, one of the fastest and most effective ways you can do to help yourself is through self-help strategies.

  • Are you taking care of your health?
  • Are you getting any help from your loved ones emotionally?
  • Do you make time for relaxation and fun every day?

Ask yourself these questions to help you manage your mixing emotions. Medications and therapies can also help any individual to manage this condition. Most psychiatrists prescribe their patients benzodiazepines, a set of tranquilizing drugs that can reduce panic attacks in all levels. This drug can work very quickly, but it has few uncomfortable side-effects and can also be addictive.

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