6 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Arthritis

Get Rid of Arthritis

Swelling, stiffness and pain are conditions that make arthritis a very frustrating and discouraging disease. This certainly can make anyone incapable of doing simple things, making daily life so much harder for people with this condition.

We now have so many ways to stop the discomfort and pain caused by this disease, but of course, these treatments need full cooperation in the part of the patient to effectively ease the pain caused by this disease.

This article will give you tips on how to get rid of the pain brought by arthritis for a longer time. These are not simple tasks, but when you dedicate yourself to this, you will certainly get significant results.

1. Start losing weight – being overweight puts so much pressure in your body, particularly in your skeletal structure. Being too heavy can cause the joints in your body, especially in the lower part of the body, to start get tired of caring your body’s weight. Thus, your ligament will start to thin because you are being pulled by the gravity, leading pain in the joints of your lower torso. To reduce your weight, you can start cutting off your calorie intake.

2. Get moving, exercise and stretch – Arthritis is a chronic disease that gradually worsens over time. Due to restricted and constant pressure in movements and individual can easily develop pain in major joints of his or her body. To stop the discomfort and pain brought by the disease, you can start stretching your body and exercise. The exercise and stretch of a person with arthritis is different from a normal healthy person. A person with arthritis should move slowly and gently and stop as soon as he or she feels pain. Enrolling in gym classes, reading yoga books and doing exercise can deliver significant effects.

3. Live a less stressful life – Try to make each day less stressful. Stress can cause your body to lose chemical balance, draining you out of energy-giving vitamins and minerals, and lowering the strength of your immune system. Also, a tiring and stressful day can contribute to the stress in certain parts of your body. While in the middle of your work or in school, try to find time to stretch, relax and unwind. You can listen to comforting music or take a power nap. Also, before going to bed, it will be healthy if you take a hot bath and soak your body, especially your painful joints to hot water to minimize arthritis pain.

4. Consult your doctor – contact and see your doctor soon as you suspect that you have arthritis. This is the best way to stop the condition from worsening. Remain in touch with your doctor when you are taking treatments.

5. Use ice packs – ice pack is an effective first aid for this condition. Simply apply ice pack to the painful join for 20 minutes, then rest the affected area. Repeat the process when needed.

6. Have a balance diet – Eating healthy food can save you from worsening your condition. Some food can trigger the arthritis affected area to swell, causing you joint pains for days. Differentiate the food that are not healthy for your health, and try to avoid those as much as possible.

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