Hot Bath and Aromatherapy for Arthritis

Hot Bath and Aromatherapy for Arthritis

There are more than 100 different diseases that can lead to development of arthritis. The swelling of the joints, stiffness and pain are the primary symptoms of this physically disabling disease.

This disease is the leading cause of physical disability in any countries around the world, affecting nearly 20% of the United States entire population and almost 50% of those over 65 years old; truly this disease is widespread all over the world.

This disease affects the movable joints in the body, those joints that are usually used for daily activities like joints in the feet and legs, spine, arms and hands. All of the joints in our body are cushioned with cartilage, a smooth elastic tissue that keeps the ends of the bones from meeting and crushing each other. Although all types of arthritic condition involves pain in the joints, the duration, occurrence, severity and effects of the joint pain varies from one condition to another.

This diseases’ emotional impact

People who suffer the symptoms and pain of arthritis are unable to do even simple everyday tasks effectively because of the bothering disease. This affects the emotional state of the person. Simple tasks like preparing food, dressing up, and grooming self can be very hard for a person with this condition. Though there are already various types of aids to assist physically incapacitated patients, they still can’t improve the mood and capacity of the patient to understand fully and cope with their situation.

Living with a chronic pain like this condition can make life really miserable, many people with this disease develop emotional problems like deep resentment and frustration as well as anger, depression and self-pity

Aromatherapy for arthritis

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine. It uses natural and therapeutic products such as essential oil extracts from plants and trees. The fragrance of these plants has been used for various civilizations for centuries to heal both mind and body. This type of therapy is considered to be very effective in dealing skin problems like burns and wounds, respiratory problems like coughs, colds, sinusitis, muscle pains, arthritis, rheumatism, headaches and other stress-related conditions like anxiety, depression and insomnia.

The healing process of this kind of therapy is gentle yet very powerful in addressing the problem. Special types of essential oils are used to heal the person’s physical, emotional and mental problems. For arthritis, those oils with natural anti-inflammatory, calming and uplifting properties are used to lessen the symptom brought by the disease.

Bath exercises

Arthritis Association said that, soaking the body in a hot tub can greatly lessen the pain brought by the disease. It can also increase the flexibility and range of motion of the affected joint.

Special exercises are being used for improve the condition of the affected area. However, for some people, activities like exercises can be really hard. A study from Mayo Clinic says that, soaking in a hot bath can actually help improve the condition of the affected area without straining the heart asking the patient to tire themselves. A hot bath can actually increase the heart rate like in exercises, and at the same time, lower the blood pressure.

Also, there are no other perfect time to apply essential oils than after a hot and relaxing bath.

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