Minimizing Asthma Attacks in Children

Asthma Attacks in Children

Asthma is one of the most frightening respiratory conditions, as it can really threaten the life of its patients. This disorder has no permanent cure yet, thus the best way to alleviate symptoms and severity of its attacks is to understand fully its triggers and its causes.

Symptoms for asthma differs and occurs to its patient for as young as 6 months old or in puberty years. Those kids with this condition seem to ‘grow out’ from the condition slowly and symptoms and attacks may disappear by the age of 20 years old because of treatments and medications, although there is no guarantee that it will never strike again.

Research shows that stress during pregnancy greatly increases the risk of developing asthma or other forms of allergies in the child. Harvard Medical School also said that environment and genetics plays a very big role in developing this condition to the child inside the mother’s womb. Exposure to maternal stress has shows exposure to higher levels of IgE or Immunoglobulin, an antibody linked to asthma and its symptoms and other forms of allergies.
Many studies also show that those parents who smoke are twice as likely to develop asthma condition for their child. Those pregnant women that are often exposed to second hand smoke will have kids with narrower airways, making them more susceptible to develop asthma.

Nearly 70% of all asthma patients have food allergies. These food allergies trigger the symptoms causing attacks. Kids may not distinguish what food they are allergic to, the best way you can spot the allergic food for them is to ask them how their mouth feels as they eat the food. Normally, kids who are allergic to certain food experience ‘funny’ and ‘fuzzy’ feeling in their mouths.

Although proper medications and treatments can control and lessen symptoms and severity of attacks, it is still better to avoid triggers while taking medication. The best way to reduce or even prevent attacks is to promote a healthy lifestyle and diet patterns.

Medications for this condition changes, much like for the effective asthma treatment plan. This plan should go with your daily lifestyle, which means you should always have a healthy and balanced diet. A long term use of steroid drugs can cause your body to acquire problems in the long run. Steroids can cause your bones to lose minerals, making it fragile and brittle. Bone minerals are essential for keeping the bones strong for your entire frame to stand-up properly. These minerals are also essential for growth particularly to children. Plus, some medications for asthma can result to nervousness.

If your child have this condition, it is important that you feed him or her with food rich in vitamins and minerals to strengthen his or her immune system. Serve your kids orange juices or other types of citrus fruits for vitamin C. Add about 5-10 servings of vegetables, fruits, and other sources of essential nutrients that can make a significant difference in your child’s health.

Other foods that can help your child cope with the condition are chicken broth, vegetable soups. Just make sure that the fruits and vegetables you give to your child are rich in antioxidants; this mineral will help your child’s body to get rid of toxins and prevent attacks.

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