How to Treat Asthma and What to Look Out For

Treat Asthma

There are so many reasons why people get asthma. And since it has to do more with your lungs and breathing problems, it would be essential for you to focus on making your lungs stronger to treat your asthma effectively.

Some would actually take advantage of the products available in the market to relieve symptoms of possible asthma attacks. Some would opt to take advantage of the natural remedies that will most likely have fewer side effects.

If you opt to make use natural remedies, there are a few things that you may look into. Most of these natural remedies do not have harsh side effects unlike those synthetic medications. This is why people who find asthma that much aggravating try to look for other remedies which would allow them to relive themselves without having to deal with the side effects.

The first natural remedy is to avoid getting close those things that causes asthma or triggers asthma. If you have gone through your doctor, you already know what this is all about.

You can start with purifying the air that you breathe, starting from your premises. Make use of air filters and those that can eliminate those harmful allergens that may cause the aggravation of your asthma issues.

Now, if it’s essential for you to wear masks that can protect you from possible exposure to allergens such as dust or even pollens, then do so. It is essential that you know how to avoid elements that can aggravate your situation to prevent asthma attacks in the future.

To strengthen your lungs is one of the main things that you should start engaging yourself with to alleviate this type of health problem. Breathing exercises can help your lungs and will as well strengthen it to prevent attacks. In doing this, you can assure yourself that you are free from experiencing side effects and this activity with be one safe treatment for your lungs.

Emergency Treatment – What to do during asthma attack

An asthma attack is serious. People do die from them, particularly older people. Asthma attacks can be mild, moderate or severe and managing a severe attack is a job for a doctor. A severe attack should always be treated in hospital, most people who die from asthma do so outside hospital. It is vital to recognize the danger signs and to know how to react, when to call for help and what to do until help arrives.

Early warning signs

Warnings signs vary from person to person and you should never ignore them, particularly if you have a history of acute attacks. It is important to remember that sometimes you can have an attack with little or no warning. It can be difficult not to panic during an asthma attack, but you will helo yourself by remaining calm. Sit upright with your head slightly forward, loosen clothing around your neck and try to take deep breaths.

What to do during an acute attack

  • Take 4-5 puffs of reliever medication
  • Try to remain calm. This is easy to say and difficult to do, but over breathing brought on by panic can make things worse
  • Sit upright, leaning slightly forward, and place your hands on your knees to support your chest. Do not lie down.
  • Take slow, deep breaths
  • Loosen clothing around the neck
  • Try to drink warm water, rapid breathing will make your mouth dry
  • Consider whether you need to see a doctor.

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