Back Problems

How to treat your back when it hurts and have problems?

There are various ways in which the structures of the back can be damaged. Bones can be broken by a violent blow, sustained, for example, in a cat accident or a fall from a horse. Muscles can be strained and sometimes torn suring strenuous exercise. Other kinds of injuries can be the result of years of manual work.

Damage can also be caused by degenerative disease, by malformation of the bones and simply by growing old. In addition, back pain can be a symptom of other conditions.

What is avulsion? When a muscle tendon tears a piece off one of a vertebra’s bony transverse processes, this causes an avulsion.

One in five of us will suffer back pain severe enough to take time off work at some point in our lives, and one in three will have some kind of treatment, from drugs to physiotherapy, to relieve it.

Yet, there are many simple preventive measures you can take against back pain, and many options to help you if you do find yourself suffering from a back problem.

In this category, we will describes all the various problems and condition that can cause back pain and back problems, together with advice on minimizing their impact to your body.