What is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal Therapy

At the more controversial end of the complementary healing spectrum, crystal therapy is criticized for its lack of a scientific basis. Its proponent, however, believes in the healing power of crystals and has achieved positive results.

While there is no scientific basis for any of the healing claims made by crystal therapy, some people with chronic conditions, such as back pain and back problems, report that they do seem to be helped by the presence of various crystals. If the idea of using crystals appeals to you, it is worth trying the therapy for yourself to see if it works for you.

According to practitioners, gems and crystals emit vibrations that are beneficial to health. Placed on an individual’s body of within their subtle body, the fields of energy believed by some to surround every person, they can absorb negative, harmful energy and enhance positive healing energy. Gems and crystals can also be immersed in water, which is said to absorb their energies. When the water is drunk it promotes self healing.

Uncut stones are believed to have a more powerful effect than cut and polished gems and crystals. Gems and crystals should be cleaned with sea salt and washed with fresh water before being used for healing. They should then be washed regularly in clean water and recharged by being left in direct sunlight for several hours.

Electrocrystal Therapy

Developed by UK practitioner Harry Oldfield in the 1970s, electrocrystal therapy is said to work by rebalancing the flow of universal healing energy through the body. Therapists subscribe to the philosophy of meridians (as in traditional Chinese medicine) through which this energy flows.

Crystals are sealed inside brine filled glass tubes, which are placed on specific meridians. A weak electrical current is then passed through the tubes. Practitioners believe that this sets up a healing vibration that is passed into the body of the subject.

Stones and Crystals for Crystal Therapy

Crystal : Flourite

  • Description : violet crystals (also in other colors)
  • Benefit : helps physical and mental coordination

Crystal : Jasper

  • Description : Opaque quartz in many colors
  • Benefit : Gently activates all the body’s functions

Crystal : Malachite

  • Description : green crystals of copper carbonate
  • Benefits L restores harmony and balance

Crystals : Rose Quartz

  • Description : Pink, translucent, usually small crystals
  • Benefits : Balances the heart and emotions

Crystals : Citrine

  • Description : golden yellow or orange brown stone
  • Benefits : Keeps the mind focused, energizing

As a conclusion, crystal therapy is a healing of using crystals by placing in into someones meridian on the body.

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