Bipolar Disorder and Intelligence

Bipolar Disorder and Intelligence

Bipolar condition is a mental illness, in which an individual’s mood quickly changes from extreme mania and depression. A person with this condition can be in risk of ending his own life, as they can easily feel extreme painful sadness when they are depressed.

A new study discovered a link between bipolar disorder and IQ has been discovered. Before, it was believed that people with this condition has the capacity to be more creative than ordinary individuals. Now, there are new evidences that were thoroughly tested to have a strong correlation between high Intelligent Quotient and bipolar disorder.

Teams from London’s King’s College Institute of Psychiatry and Sweden’s Korolisnka Institute conducted the study between high IQ and bipolar condition. Their research shows that those students that are performing very well in class, obtaining grades of A, are nearly four times more susceptible to acquiring the disorder than those his or her average classmates.

Moreover, significant differences are also observed in the field of arts. Those students who are significantly good in arts, literature and music are more likely to acquire the bipolar condition than those students who excel in other subjects.

We all know that famous artists, musicians, painters, leaders and scientists are special, but what really makes them special is not just their talent and skill in their particular field, but also because of their bipolar condition. Napoleon the Great, Sir Isaac Newton and Ludwig Van Beethoven are just few of famous people in history with such condition.

These people are blessed with high IQ, a level that is significantly higher than average smart guy. An average guy has 100 IQ, Napoleon’s IQ was estimated to be at 145, and Beethoven’s was estimated in 165, while Newton was about in 190. You can call them genius in their own field, as they excel and surpass everyone in that particular field.

Study shows that those people that have been discovered to have bipolar condition are notably more intelligent than an average or even street smart person. Also, study shows that socioeconomic status also affects the intelligent of a person. Bipolar condition is prevalent in those families who are in higher class. With this, the study also says that this condition runs in the genes, as it is hereditary.

The relationship between intelligence or higher IQ and wealth or affluence is discussed thoroughly in “How Life Really Works,” the study shows a direct relationship between income and IQ. It says that those in a higher level of statistical income have a higher IQ level as a group. Many factors influence this; it can be because of the good intellectual environment, good education, good resources, genetics, etc.

Genetics and Intelligence

Genetics plays a big role in a person’s level of intelligence. In the same book “How Life really Works” the relationship of genetics with intelligence is also explained. The quality and capacity of the brain depends nearly about 80% on hereditary genes. The remaining 20% of the quality of the brain is influenced by the environment and its elements. The 20% factor may be exaggerated as our genes are verifies our ability to socialize with and to benefit from environment.

However, the reason for these findings remains unknown.

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