Impact of Bipolar Disorder on Sex

Impact of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is also categorized as a mental illness, specifically known as maniac-depressive illness, in which an individual’s mood or emotion alters between extreme, mania and depression.

This behavior illness can be very dangerous in the part of the patient, as too much depression for them can lead them to committing suicide. However, in the aspect of sex, this illness can also be very frustrating and even devastating to self confidence, thus leading to relationship problems.

Sex is a very important aspect of our lives, especially in relationships. The conventions of our society are steeped in sexual messages which most often than not, awakens or poking us to desire for it, from advertisements in the television, billboards and magazines. And in the case of bipolar individuals, sex can be vital point that can alter their moods quickly depending on the response of their body, mentality and even their partner.

Mania often develops into hyper sexuality, and for some extreme reasons, sex addictions. Depression and other forms of medication can cause the individual to low sex drive, causing sex to a grinding stop.

Hypersexuality means excessively interested in sexual activity, or in layman’s terms, sex addiction. This disorder can ruin relationships, which often leads into much depression on the side of the patient.

However, not every patient of bipolar disorder has this specific condition, but for those who have, this condition can lead into serious problem. Right medication, counseling, and rehabilitation are very important to keep hypersexuality from becoming destructive.

Another form of bipolar disorder is hypersexuality’s total opposite – loss of interest in sex. Because depression can kill sex drive, individuals who have this condition can go for months without sex.

If your partner is bipolar, this can greatly affect your relationship as he or she will over think things. They will start to feel unattractive, and sexually undesirable. They often feel very depressed and want to feel that depression alone. This will then lead the bipolar individual to not taking care of his or her body like grooming, because they feel uncomfortable relating on a sexual basis.

Usually, it is the medication’s side-effect that greatly affects the sex drive of a bipolar patient, particularly his or her ability to achieve erection or orgasm.

They may feel exhausted because of the drugs and does not have enough energy to exert effort and engage in their sexual desires. Above all, they don’t feel any pleasure of any form, including sex, totally affecting your intimacy and thus, you relationship.

The best way to do with this kind of condition is finding balance. Though this is easier said than done, balance in medications, therapy treatments and honesty between the patient and his or her partner can greatly help them get through the disorder. When going to the doctor, it is very important to be frank and bring up every issue on the table.

Some medications can really affect the person’s sex drive; this is just a side-effect of the drug. Asking for other prescriptions that doesn’t impose much side-effects can help boost the sex drive.

Therapies and medications can help shorten, delay or even prevent the extreme moods from being destructive. Thus, it is very important to seek professional help for this condition.

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