Role of Sex in Patients with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Alteration of moods and emotions between mania and extreme depression, or also known as bipolar disorder, is a form of a widely spread mental disorder that affects both men and women.

This disorder is a serious mental illness that should be addressed appropriately, as it can cause serious danger to the patient such as suicidal state.

Bipolar disorder is very rare, even rare than depression. However, this condition can lead to a very sad ending, as almost 15% of people diagnosed with this mental illness commit suicide. When experiencing manic depression, people with this condition will feel intensely energetic, elated, irritable and self-important.

When extremely depressed, one will feel too much sadness, feel different and weird on things that usually give happiness and experience pain and think negatively in almost about anything.

Losing interest on something that usually gives happiness or pleasure can cause big trouble, especially to relationships, where sex is very important.

Sex is essential in our lives, especially to relationships. It one thing that makes us not so different from animals, as it is our natural instinct to seek for pleasure. Our society is even steeped with various sexual ideas which usually poke our desire for such pleasure.  In magazine stands, TV shows, billboard ads and even news paper advertisements we can see lots of sexual messages meant to stir our interests to such desires.

In the case of bipolar disorder, sex can be a vital part that can change the state of mind and emotion of the individual with this condition and his or her partner very quickly. Bipolar disorder usually develops to another type of problem that can cause problems in relationships such as hypersexuality, which sometimes develops into more serious problem like sex addictions. Bipolar condition can blow one’s libido or sex drive, making sex to be a crushing stop.

Hypersexuality or serious sex addiction can ruin relationships, which often hits the button and triggers much depression in the part of the patient. Not every patient with bipolar disorder will have hypersexuality conditions, as the form of depression and its severity differs from patient to patient. There are many medications to treat this behavior though, drugs medications, counseling and rehab can help minimize this condition and keep it from being destructive.

As mentioned earlier, bipolar disorder can lead into many behavioral problems, and sometimes the total opposite of hypersexuality, which is the loss of interest in sexual activities. Extreme depression can easily turn off one’s sex drive, patient of this condition can go for weeks, or even long months without sex. And this of course, affects the relationship.

People with this condition usually over think things; they will feel unattractive and undesirable. Thus they will start to neglect themselves and forget about grooming as they feel they are unpleasant on a sexual basis.

Loss of interest in sex can also be side-effects of the medications. People taking drug medications for their mental illness will lose the ability to achieve orgasm or erection, making sexual activities very difficult for them.

Balance is the best way to fight this problem. Balance in medication, counseling, and handling relationship. It is very important to be open and honest to one another. Talking about things can make problems less a burden for both of the patient and his or her partner. Thus, it is very important to seek professional help in this matter.

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