Signs of Bipolar in Women

Bipolar in Women

There are several signs of bipolar in women that you can use to diagnose whether or not you have the condition. There are also various manifestations of the bipolar disorder, which will vary based on what phase or type of disorder that the person is having. Read on below to find out more about the signs of bipolar in women and how to manage them.

The signs of bipolar in women

Depression: Women who are suffering from bipolar disorder can stay at home or in their bed for the entire day because they lack the motivation and persistence to get going for the day. Their thoughts move slowly and take little pleasure in any activity that they do on a regular basis, which leads to a depressed state. Some women might even feel worthless and that they are of little value to the world. This leads to other unhealthy behaviors such as overeating and some even develop a tendency to commit suicide.

Mania: Unlike depression, one of the most well known signs of bipolar in women is that of mania. An individual with this kind of symptom will showcase a feeling “high” or be in an elevated mood. They have an increased level of self-esteem to the point that they overestimate their own capabilities. For this reason, they have little regret and lack responsibility for their own actions.

Mixed episodes: This is a very common symptom of bipolar disorder in women. However, this is already characterized as an extreme condition of bipolar disorder because it exhibits a combination of symptoms for depression and mania. Women with this condition can be highly irritable, exhibit physical aggression, and become hostile. This is one reason why patients with this symptom are recommended for hospitalization for optimum mental health care and also for the safety of the people in their surroundings. It might require extended stay in a hospital along with intake of medication.

Rapid cycling: This is the term used to describe the 12-month period course of this illness. There are different stages that the patient goes through over that period of time: manic, hypomanic, depression, and mixed episodes. When a patient reaches this stage, it is often difficult to treat and they do not respond to medications given them.

Signs of bipolar in women Conclusion

These are just some of the most common signs of bipolar in women. There are more symptoms, however, but the ones listed here are those that are generally manifested by patients. Make sure that you see your doctor right away whenever one or more of these symptoms of signs of bipolar in women are evident.

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