Breast Cancer

It is quite difficult for a person to understand what is breast cancer and how can it be avoided because a lot of people are having a cancer of the breast without them knowing it.

Cancer of the breast is not just a health problem in females because there are also some males who have this kind of medical condition. This is also called a malignant neoplasm that is instigating from the tissue of the breast.

The most familiar site is in the milk ducts and the lobules which supplies milk.The most common signs and symptoms is severe pain on the chest and swelling of the breast.

Most of the time, an individual who has cancer of the breast will feel a lump on their breast. This is the reason why every individual should regularly do a breast self examination. This way, they will be able to detect if they have cancer of the breast immediately.

Even a young adult can also have this kind of cancer, most especially if they have a family member who also has cancer of the breast. Sure we love to joke about checking the checking the breasts of the women we love for cancer, but breast cancer is no laughing matter.

For men or women. According to statistics from the American Cancer Society, around 1,990 cases of male breast cancer occurred in 2008. It is rare but it is affecting men from all over the world in slightly smaller numbers. Every man needs to know about the possibility and dangers of male breast cancer. Arm yourself with information and catch cancer early.