Common Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the leading health problems in any place in the world, but most prevalent in developed countries.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimated 203,500 cases of this type of cancer, 40,000 of those diagnosed patients die each year from complications and disease that originated form same breast problem. Also, the ACS says that 1 out of 8 American women who live until the age of 85 will experience this illness at some point of their lives.  Truly, this disease is widely spread all over the world, and its effect on patient and families can be really devastating.

To have a full grasp of this disease, we should first have to understand the entire structure of the breast to be aware with how the malignant tumors develop. This will help us identify the problem before it gets even worse and deadly.

This article will help you spot the potential development of the disease in the breast by identifying the common risks involved on its early stage. Our breast, especially women’s breast, has 20 sections called lobes made up with connective fatty fibrous tissues.

Each of the lobes is divided into smaller sections called lobules, and this is where the milk is produced and stored. The mammary glands secrete milk in a very complex system and sending them off through minute ducts which will carry the milk through the chambers beneath the nipple.

Like the breast, breast cancer is a very complex disease, and pulling off the tumor right away through surgical operations is not the answer for it. There are basically just two types of this disease, the invasive and the noninvasive.

Invasive cancer, of course, from its word, can spread all over the breast of the woman and affect all the organs nearby. Noninvasive type of breast cancer however, is usually confined in just one place and is less likely to affect nearby organs.

Even though there is no one particular reason that can be pin-pointed as the cause of the development of tumor on the breast, there studies that identified some common risks that contributes to the development of such deadly disease. These factors include age, genetics, race, family and personal medical account and exposure to environmental and biological factors, particularly estrogen.

Age plays a big role in the development of such disease, as this cancer normally shows up fully at the age of 60 years old.

Race also, is an important aspect, as it is a strain of genetically distinct population that shares the same physical characteristics like genes. Research shows that white women, particularly western women, are more susceptible to development of such illness. However, study also shows that African-American women die sooner from such disease for some reasons.

Breast cancer, like most types of cancer, is hereditary. In most cases, gene mutation is the one to be blamed for the development of such illness. This is more common among Jewish women of Eastern European decent.

Big tumor develops when the immune system tries to gradually attack the developing tumors, and this will weaken the woman’s entire immune system, making her feel stressed and more susceptible to other types of diseases.

Those women with first-degree relationship in a patient of breast cancer are also susceptible to the illness. This doubles up the chances of developing such disease as they share common genetic structure.

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