Uterine Cancer Symptoms

Uterine Cancer Symptoms

Uterus is the part of the woman’s body that the fertilization and conception happened. It is a pear shape organ located in the pelvis. During menstruation, the uterus will slough off inner linings that cause bleeding. Because of hormone changes that happen in the body, menstruation occurs.

When the lining of the uterus will have rapid cell changes then probably cancer development is high. Uterine cancer or endometrial cancer is the most common malignancy among women. It is a carcinoma that arises from the gland in the lining of the uterus. Basically, uterine cancers often occur among women aging from 50 years old to 70 years of age or probably after menopausal phase.

One factor could also be hormonal changes. When the cancer cells grow rampant inside the uterus, it can spread throughout and even metastasize outside the uterine environment.

The carcinoma can affect the surrounding tissues causing the cancer cells to invade in the cervix, then eventually through the rectum.

However, cancer cells also spread through the lymphatic system then metastasize in the succeeding organs like the fallopian tubes, the ovaries, in the lymph nodes and for most severe cases in can metastasize in the major organ in the body that causes a big problem in the end resulting to a very poor prognosis and the possibility of cure is minimal.

Moreover, there are lots of risk factors involving the development of these carcinomas.

One factor could be taking pills containing high estrogen levels for a long time will contribute to the development of cancer cells. Additionally, obesity also is one of the risk factors. For about 40% of the population nowadays are basically obese. There is a high probability rate that obese individual will develop such kind of condition.

Other factors could be null parity or having no born children. On the other hand, diabetes, polycystic ovaries which have prolonged an ovulation or lack of menstruation can also contribute to the development of uterine cancer and uterine cancer symptoms will appear later on.

Other factors also are the use of Tamoxifen drugs for a long time for the treatment of breast cancer are one of the risk factors. Woman should be very keen in avoiding such risk factors in order to avoid cancer cell development. Once cancer develops inside the uterus, the patient will experience various uterine cancer signs and symptoms that could change her homeostasis and even her life as well.

In the uterine cancer, usually, it develops after menopause. Usually, the uterine cancer symptoms will vary according to the severity and the stage of the cancer cells. Moreover, the most common uterine cancers symptoms are abnormal bleeding condition from the uterus after menopausal phase.

The bleeding usually starts as a watery; blood-streaked that eventually contains heavy bleeding.  Basically, after menopause the woman should not anymore experience bleeding because the uterus ceases the menstruation cycle. If the woman experiences abnormal bleeding after menopause she should directly report it to her physician and seek for medical advice. Because maybe lead to a more serious problem.

Additionally, some women also experiencing lower abdominal pain. Indeed, most cancer cases accompany pain that the patient experience especially when the cancer is already in the 4th stage. Some symptoms could be flu like signs like on and off fever, cough, and body fatigue also there is restlessness, irritability and body malaise.

Observing this kind of symptoms, the woman should be aware of the possibilities of seeking medical attention so that various treatments and medical management will be observed. Once the symptoms are visible to the patient, the oncologist usually conduct test to confirm the said diagnosis.

Usually, the doctor conducts endocervical and endometrial sampling which is the most reliable means of diagnosis.  Also ultrasonography maybe used to know the thickness of the endometrium since an increase in size indicates possibility of cancer development.

However, when the cancer is identified by the oncologist treatments followed. After they can confirm their observation upon assessment, the physician usually orders a surgery procedure that is a total hysterectomy even if the cancer stage is mild. Hysterectomy is the removal of the entire uterus involving the fallopian tube and ovaries. It is considered as the best option in order to eradicate the cancer cells in the uterus at same time preventing the cancer cells from metastasize to other parts of the organ. Others undergo radiation therapy and chemo therapy.

With this facts presented above, women should have regular checkups starting the age of early 30’s especially to those who have family history of cancer cases. They should be more health conscious to avoid severity of the problem.

Nowadays, cancer cases mark an increase number in the population. Maybe because the people today are exposed to different risk factors that can contribute to the development of cancer especially among women, in which uterine problems is commonly the case.

Moreover, upon experiencing a change in the homeostasis in the body, one should immediately seek a physician’s advice for better prevention. Others, especially among women go to their OB to have an injection for cervical cancer.

This factor will also be a great help to prevent cervical cancer development. Finally, eating the right foods and regular exercise will also be a great help to develop a healthy body. The more conscious people is about their health the lesser the possibilities of developing certain cancers in the future. Take good care of your body for it is the only way to avoid such damage in it.

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