The Importance of Early Detection of Prostate Cancer

Early Detection of Prostate Cancer

Aside from skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in most men in United States. In fact, it is the second deadliest disease after lung cancer that hits 215,000 men.

Like any type of cancer, this disease is a serious life-threatening condition, as 30,000 of those 215,000 diagnosed with such illness die from this condition and its complications.

All men are susceptible with such disease, thus it is very important to have an early diagnosis for such cancer to avoid the development of malignant tumor in the prostate gland. Regular check-ups and screening are really advised, especially for adult men.

The tumor for this cancer may grow slowly, but can very hard to treat once it affects the whole gland and other parts of the body. Early detection can make a huge difference in avoiding serious health risks. Treatments, medications and therapies may do its part by lessening the intensity of the complications, but preventing the disease from developing is always better.

Unfortunately for men, there are many contributory factors that lead to the development of such disease, and men can do so much or nothing about this. Why, simply because most men are not aware of its risks.

A survey from Prostate Cancer Foundations said that, about 1 in every 15 men at the age of 60 years old and above is diagnose with prostate cancer, and only 1 in every 400,000 men between 20s and 30s gets affected with such disease. This proves that age plays a part in the development of this illness in the body.

Also, their research shows that African-American men are more susceptible to this disease than men in other races. This can be because of biological and hereditary factors, suggesting that there are really genetic links in the development of disease in the prostate gland for men.

The good thing about this disease, like any other disease is that, there are things we can do to avoid acquiring them. Of course, our best defense against diseases is a healthy and strong immune system. To have this, we should develop a healthy body through good lifestyle, like balance diet and exercise. Prostate cancer is common in people with high-fat and rich in red meat diets.

A diet in low in salt and more in nutritious natural foods like fruits and vegetables, as well as rich in fiber food like whole-grain foods (brown rice), omega3 fatty acids, and vitamin D greatly reduces the risks of developing this type of cancer in the body.

Studies from countries America and Japan, also shows that a diet rich in soy and green tea nutrients can greatly help in warding off the risks of prostate cancer. A couple of decades ago, Vitamin E and selenium is believed to help reduce the risk of such cancer, thus it is widely used as food supplements. However, some experts believe that the benefits of such vitamins against prostate sickness may have been exaggerated.

If you are starting to feel pain urinating, ejaculating, lower back pains, etc, it will be wise if you have your prostate checked to avoid unfortunate condition. Prevention is always better than cure.

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