Common Signs of Depression

Common Signs of Depression

All of us will be very depressed in one point of our lives, it can be caused by misfortune, failures, and death of a loved one, etc, this emotion is part of being human.

It is important for us to cope with this emotion to get through with it and be an emotionally stronger person. However, major recurring depression is no longer healthy, there are lots of risks involved and it and should be addressed properly to avoid life-threatening circumstances.

Severe and recurring depression can be a sign of mental and psychological illness. Deep unshakable sadness, loss of interest in what used to be enjoyable activity and things, are just two of many symptoms of this emotion.

If not addressed correctly, these emotions can take total control in an individual’s frame of mind, making him or her incapable to function socially and may impose health hazards to his or herself like committing suicide.

However, not everyone who shows manic experiences or depressed experience every symptom. Some people may experience one, two or a few, while some may show many symptoms.

The recurrence and severity of each symptom may vary from person to person. Some less worrying symptoms can be a warning sign for a bigger symptom.

This article will talk more about obvious and non obvious symptoms of depression and mania, and how one can cope with it.

  • Constantly angry, anxious, “empty” mood and sad.
  • Persistently feels pessimism and hopelessness about any problem
  • Always feeling guilty and worthless
  • Isolates him or herself, avoiding friends and family for discussion
  • Oversleeping, early-morning awakening and insomnia
  • Loss of interest in things that usually gives enjoyment and pleasure like playing sports, hobbies and even sex
  • Always feeling stressed, fatigued, restless and irritable
  • Crying spells
  • Having a hard time concentrating, making decisions and remembering things
  • Extremes like significant decrease in appetite, resulting to drastic weight loss or even overeating resulting to drastic weight gain
  • Thought of death or committing suicide, attempting to end his or her life
  • Other physical symptoms that do not really correspond to treatment are chronic pain, digestive problems and headache.

Young kids or even teenagers who are feeling depressed may experience one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, but more especially, their performance in school are being affected. Kids who are under stressed or feeling very depressed are:

  • Gets bored easily
  • Have poor performance in school
  • Constantly complains physical symptoms like headaches and stomachaches

Some symptoms for adult may also manifest in children, but they may be less obvious than those in adults. Depressed kids change their sleeping and eating patterns.

Manic depression can also manifest obviously and easy to spot like:

  • Inappropriate anger, elation and irritability
  • Decreased want to sleep and severe insomnia
  • Pretentious and flamboyant notions like thinking of having special importance or even special powers
  • Has disconnected speech and disoriented and racing thoughts
  • Improper social behavior

Depression during puberty may also be caused by factors that determine his or her life like showing lesser concerns in the safety of own self and taking more risks.

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