Knowing the Side-effects of Antidepressants for Better Depression Treatment


In psychology, depression is coined a mental illness in which an individual goes through deep, unshakable sadness and losses interests in almost all activities.

We often use the word depression to describe temporary blues, sadness and the likes but in contrast, severe cases of this condition often lead an individual incapable to function socially. People with this condition suffer from extreme emotions like feeling of despair, hopelessness and worthlessness, leading them to commit suicide.

About 20.9 million of adults in United States go through various types of suffering from depression. Though this can be just a state of mind, like happiness, this can cause too much trouble to an individual, especially if there’s not enough counseling and therapy done to him. Though this mental illness can be cured with activities and therapies, some professionals advise medications in some cases to aide the patient in their problems.

The right combination of rehabilitation, therapy sessions and medication can meet success for a patient. But the down side of this is that, it can also impose heavy side-effects.

Anti depressants is a first choice medication used to treat this condition, mood disorders caused by its symptoms like sadness, difficulty of sleeping, fatigue, loss of appetite and lack of desire to enjoy activities. This can be a very effective drug for patients dealing with depression.

There are about 70% of patients who takes this medication are spared from too much sadness for the moment. Doctors, however, are aware of the possible side effects of this medication.

Thus, they give prescriptions according to the side-effect of the drug that can be tolerated by the patient. Dizziness, drowsiness, constipation, fainting, urinating difficulties, and mouth dryness are just some of the fast side-effects of this drug.

Other medications also impose some health risks like aged cheese and aged meats which often causes severe headache and high blood pressure. Difficulty in sleeping, restlessness, blurred visions, insomnia, increase in appetite and weight gain, and hindrances in sexual functions are also highly possible.

It is therefore important to consult with your doctor before taking antidepressation medications for treating depression, particularly with mild to moderate cases. The introduction of external chemicals into your system could destroy the delicate balance within your body and system.

This is one reason why drug manufacturers place warning for consumers to advise them about its proper use and intake to avoid such side effects.

The severity of the side effects vary depending on the reaction of an individual’s body, such that some people can have mild effects while others are more severe.  You can talk about your doctor about choosing the right dosage for curing your depression to ensure that the possibility of developing these side effects could be reduced.

Thus, when taking antidepressants, it is important that you know the possible side-effects of the drug on you. People with insomnia should never take antidepressants, as this can cause more difficulty in sleeping. Consult your doctor right away, if you feel any other forms of side-effects after taking this medication.

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