Obvious Physical Symptoms of Diabetes

Physical Symptoms of Diabetes

A disease like diabetes can result into many health complications which can be really cause big health problems. Obesity for example, increases the risks of developing diseases such as diabetes.

The excess storage of fat can result to clogging of the arteries that delivers blood to the heart, brain and other bodily organs. Disease in this matter goes beyond the problem about the sugar level. This article will talk about the obvious physical manifestations of the disease for an effective early detection.

Type 1 occurs when the body does not have the right amount of insulin. Insulin is a bodily hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates the level of glucose in the blood.

The type 2 on the other hand, occurs when the body becomes insulin resistant, making it no effect to the level of glucose in blood. Both types of diabetes impose serious health problems, and both have similar signs you can spot.

Common signs of diabetes are:

Fatigue and weakness

Glucose is needed by the body for energy purposes; it works as the body’s fuel to be able to do function well every day. Sugar or glucose, is consumed by the insulin, It is the insulin that filters the concentration of glucose in the blood and turn it into energy form that can be consumed by the cells in every organs of the body.

In the case of diabetes, insulin does not filter well, or does not filter the glucose at all, making the glucose just stay outside of the cells. When this happens, the body, along with all of its organs, will not have the energy it needs to function well, causing the feeling of fatigue and weakness.

Frequent urination

When there is not enough level of insulin, or when the insulin starts to become ineffective inside the body, the kidney will have a hard time removing wastes from the blood. The kidney regulates the filter of nutrients in the blood, and filters glucose back into the blood. When there is too much glucose level, it can not filter well, as blood will denser than normal.

Also, if the kidney has been filtering too much blood, it would be force to use water of the blood to help dilute the sugar in it. All the water that has been forced out will fill the bladder fast, causing any person to have frequent visits to the bathroom.

Unquenchable Thirst

This is pretty much common sense, when your body is pushing off too much water, then your body is going to need to refill the loss. Frequent urinations leads to dehydration, your throat will start to feel dry and your first response is to drink lots and lots of water.

Losing weight without doing anything

Weight loss would be pretty much noticeable in this kind of illness, particularly to diabetes 1. The pancreas starts to fail in producing insulin, thus causing viral infections in pancreas’ cell, and this is usually caused by the attack of autoimmune system in the pancreas.

Glucose is changed into energy, and when the body is not filtering enough glucose, it would be forced to break down stored fat deposits in your body for energy, causing fast noticeable weight loss.

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