Physical Complications of Diabetes

Physical Complications of Diabetes

Our system has its own way of controlling chemicals inside our body, it can produce enzymes or ask some of its parts to counteract too much of something and make use of it for the body.

Pancreas for example, produces insulin to aid the body in absorbing sugar (glucose) so it can be converted into a source of energy. But sometimes, pancreas fail to perform its job, giving insufficient amount of insulin or body cells fail to correspond rightly with the amount of insulin in the body, leading to health complication and a disease called diabetes.

Diabetes is really a health-threatening disease, and there are so many health consequences for this illness that can really control the life of a person with this illness. Because diabetes starts when the body does not produce the right amount of insulin to control sugar in the blood and/or the body is not able to utilize the level of insulin in the body properly, blood sugar will be relatively high.

A very high blood sugar may lead the blood to become denser resulting to damage and failure of other body organs.

If diagnosed with diabetes, a person is advised to take A1C number of tests to find out how well the patient controls his or her blood sugar. Consistent high results from A1C tests can lead to more problems in the future.

Diabetic’s Foot Complications

Two of the most common parts of the body that will easily show signs and symptoms of this illness are the feet and legs. Other forms of diabetes like neuropathy, primarily affects the face and also the feet and legs. Patients from this type of condition are more likely to suffer ulcer, blood pooling and hard-to-heal sores.

These health problems results from reduced flow of blood which may lead to amputation if not addressed early. All patients that have been diagnosed with such illness should have their legs and feet checked to avoid further complications.

Organ Complications

Organ trouble is one of the scariest complications of such illness. About 10% to 20% of people who suffer from this disease die from kidney complications and failures. Diabetes is the leading contributory factor that leads to the failure of kidney.

The heart is also susceptible for complication, 50% of all kinds of cases of such illness die from heart failure and cardiovascular condition. The cause of this of course is a significantly high and improper glucose in the blood.

This disease also damages the nerves, usually those in hands and feet. The condition is described as an “electric” and/or tingling numbness in hands, fingers, feet and legs. The complication in the nerves due to diabetes results to cuts, sores and numbness in the limbs that are usually very hard to ease and cure.

About 50% of those diagnosed with this disease suffer from this tingling and numbness. Medications and treatments may be able to control and ease the pain brought by this “electric” numbness, but it will not really cure it permanently as long as there’s diabetes.

Those individuals who suffer from physical complications of this disease are advised to consult their physicians for medication of the symptoms.

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