The Amazing Nutritional Value of Watermelon

The Amazing Nutritional Value of Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit that usually grows in the tropical countries, where a lot of varieties are found. It is very delicious and it is a good fruit to eat especially when the season is hot. Because this fruit contains high water, that’s why it can alleviate thirst.

Other than that it is also has a low caloric content and no fat in which it is considered as one of the healthiest fruit. Moreover, this fruit contains high nutritional benefits in which health conscious individuals will actually like.

There benefits of watermelon that can contribute to our health and prevent certain diseases to appear. Just like the saying says prevention is better than cure, so it is very helpful to us. Let me enumerate these benefits for you and let us discover the amazing benefits of the watermelon.

According to research, watermelon contains high potassium in which, potassium in the body can help the cardiac muscle to contract well. Also it can help the kidney from forming stones.

Second, it also carotenoids that could be very helpful in preventing cancer cells to accumulate in the system.

Thirdly, watermelon also strengthen the immune system in which the body can guard and fight against invading bacteria and viruses that causes diseases.

Fourth, watermelon contains high value of antioxidants. Antioxidants are very helpful in the body’s homeostasis, because it helps neutralizing free radicals that acquired thru ingestions of carcinogenic foods that causes colon cancer. Eating with this kind of fruits will diminish the risk of colon cancer.

In addition to this, antioxidants also help reduce the risk of heart attacks among people who are 40 years old above. Other benefits could be, watermelon can reduce airway spasm which is the primary reason of asthma attack. It has a bronchodilator effect on these cases. Also it contains beta carotene that helps our vision go brighter especially at night.

Lastly, watermelon is associated to have an anti-inflammatory effect and it can prevent the occurrence of diabetes. On the other hand, there lots of benefits that still discover by experts in eating watermelon, it includes calcium, magnesium, phosphoros, fluoride, iron, protein, vitamin C and A as well as fiber and folate. This vitamins and minerals are both beneficial to our body.

Aside from that, the juice of watermelon contains 93% water, 8% sugar and approximately 50 kcals. Also, the extracted juice of watermelon gives us refreshing feeling and is good in hydration status.

It such a good habit to drink this juice daily for it brings healthy benefits that our body surely needs. Moreover, it’s not only the content and juice that could give us benefits but also the seeds itself.

Yes, seeds of watermelon is high in protein especially the essentials and non-essentials amino acids which is very important in muscle building and vitamin absorption in the body.

In some tropical countries, they prefer eating seeds that is dried or raw. But for some, they usually add them to salads. Because of its benefits, many consumers buy this fruit especially to those who are health conscious. Just for example, antioxidants. It is very rare to find fruits that have high antioxidant content.

Because of increasing number of cancers nowadays, people tend to find preventable measures to avoid such diseases. And one of this prevention is eating foods that have antioxidants. For it can diminish and prevent cancer cells formation. It’s amazing, isn’t it? What you are seeking is just in this great fruit, watermelon.

So why buy some food supplement that contains vitamins and minerals in which watermelon can gives you, aside from its delicious taste it is also the best fruits to eat in hot season.

Is it very amazing to know more about these benefits? Yes, indeed, this fruit is very good among us individuals. Just imagine eating this fruit that contains almost of the nutrients needed for our body in daily intake and is more excellent compared to supplemental food supplement. Well these facts will be a great help for those who don’t know the benefits of this fruit.

It is the only fruit that give us lots of benefits starting from the juice to its flesh and down to its seeds.

You can’t anymore find a fruit like this. It can be eaten by anyone even to those who are weight losing individuals since it has low caloric content.

According to the facts presented above, it is highly recommended fruits to eat for. Therefore, practice the habit of eating this fruit daily and always include it your diet for it is very worthy to eat.

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