Basic Colostomy and Ostomy Supplies for Comfort

Colostomy and Ostomy

Colostomy and ostomy are surgical procedures that aid to improve the condition of individuals who suffer from excreting their body wastes. This article is about more of colostomy and ostomy supplies and its benefits.

Colostomy and ostomy are similar procedures, both of these surgical procedures also use the sane supplies and appliances to aide the patients in their condition.

There are different types of supplies for various types of patients. For those who live an active lifestyle, close ostomy pouches is advised. This supply is perfect for runners, swimmers, and all types of athletes. The pouch is made up of good adhesive and waterproof material to protect and keep your thing from falling and emptying on accident.

For women, mini-pouches are recommended. This supply goes perfectly with bathing suits and the likes. Combine this supply with one piece swim suit.

Using good and strong adhesives is important to keep the pouches in place and keep them from falling. A good adhesive can stick even with the presence of moisture and sweat. Most colostomy and ostomy supply used for skin barriers are already adhesives, however some brands are better than others and can fit better on your stomach shape, size and conformity.

A good adhesive is hard to remove, in this case you will need a strong adhesive remover. Adhesives may leave something on your skin and make you will sticky and messy.

The particles left in your skin should be removed entirely before using new supply on your stomach. One of the biggest problems of big ostomy patients is finding the right colostomy and ostomy supply. In this case, ostomy supplies for overweight are recommended. A pouch with extra padding around the stomach is good to hold the supply even with excessive sweat and moisture.

Barriers may leek for some reasons, and wastes may leak out from the pouches. This is where the importance of ostomy pastes come into picture.

Pastes prevent barriers from leaking by providing smooth creases which folds naturally on the skin. This also increases the adhesion of the wafers, giving you more comfort while wearing the appliance.

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