A Beginners Guide to Hollister Ostomy Supplies

Hollister Ostomy Supplies

There’s little having to be fitted with an ostomy is one of the most unpleasant experiences you can have, unless you have the right supplies that is. With the right equipment, you can learn to live with your ostomy without having to sacrifice your own personal comfort.

This article will explore the range of Hollister ostomy supplies that you need to make your life more comfortable once you have been fitted with an ostomy.

Basic Ostomy Supplies

While some might be optional, you will want to equip yourself with every possible comfort to ensure that caring for your ostomy is a stress free affair. There are all kinds of products that assist with the drainage and cleaning of an ostomy. You will need;

  • A 1 or 2 piece drainage system
  • Irrigation products
  • Adhesives and Removers
  • Skin barriers
  • Closure products
  • Various pastes and powders
  • A few other assorted accessories

If you are in doubt about your specific needs, be sure to ask your doctor which ostomy supplies will best suit your needs.

The Hollister brand

The Hollister brand has been supplying the best ostomy supplies for many years, and you just need to look at the number of satisfied customers to see just how wildly popular out range of ostomy supplies are.

If you are shopping for ostomy supplies, have a look online to see just how cheap and easy brands like Hollister have made things for you. You can even buy complete kits that include most of the supplies in already! Spend some time browsing our various ostomy products that cover almost every conceivable need.

There’ no need to suffer in silence because you have an ostomy fitted, with the right Hollister ostomy supplies; you can carry on with your life and forget about your ostomy!

What every ostomy patient needs to know about ostomy skin care

It might seem like having an ostomy fitted is the end of the world, but with the right equipment you can pretty much ensure your comfort and wellbeing! This is especially important in the area of skin care!

This article will explore some of the essential things you need to know about ostomy skin care… so that you can be sure to avoid any potential nasty infections or skin problems!

Ostomy skin care 101

It’s probably not something you thing about unless you have been warned otherwise, but an ostomy can create a fair amount of discomfort if not cleaned properly.

The most essential part of ostomy skin care is keeping the area clean and sanitized, no matter what might have occurred… Many advocate the use of antibacterial soap on the area, and it can certainly do no harm to keep the area around the ostomy as sterile as possible at all times.

Ostomy skin care products

There are a number of ostomy skin care products available on the market, many of which will make cleaning and caring for your ostomy that much easier. Besides a quality antibacterial soap, be sure to add a selection of wipes to your skin care arsenal.

You will also need a variety of powders and special skin barrier liquid to ensure that the skin around ostomy is protected. You will also want to be sure to moisturize the area to prevent skin dryness, look out for special formulations to care for the skin around a stoma.

Equip yourself with a range of skin care products designed specially for use around ostomies, and get on with your life, safe in the knowledge that your ostomy site is clean and cared for.

With the right products in your skin care arsenal, you can be sure of your comfort at all times, and what could be more important than that?

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