The Big Three In Disposable Exam Gloves

Disposable Exam Gloves

Gloves are very important for medical and scientific exams; these are used for operations and treatments of patients in any kind of illnesses.

Disposable exam gloves differ from its types through the materials they are made up of. This article is about the three most common types of disposable gloves often used for examinations. Find out which type of these sterile gloves can work best for your medical and healthcare service use.


Latex is the most traditional gloves in healthcare and medical industry; this is very durable, tactile sensitive and comfortable to wear. This material has been used for making gloves for over a century. The downside of this material however is that, many people find it rough to use this thing because of some allergy issues which usually can cause dry and irritated skin.

This disposable glove is no longer widely used all over the world because of some sensitivity and irritation issues. But more and more manufacturers are making this glove friendly for sensitive users today by incorporating studies solutions in their production.


Vinyl gloves is the most economical disposable exam gloves in the market right now. This kind of glove is made up of poly vinyl chloride or PVC material. This material provides standard protection for general medical use. This glove is also comfortable to wear because of its soft texture. The down side of this product though is that, it is less durable than the latex and has lower elongation.

This glove should also not be used in high-risk or hazardous conditions as it has weak protection from exposure to chemicals like chemotherapy and other chemical and radiation related treatments.


This disposable exam gloves provides maximum protection per piece. This product can also provide high protection from chemicals. Compared to other ordinary synthetic gloves, nitrile gloves are durable and unlikely to tear or punctured.

The quality of this product however, differs from the manufacturing process and formulation. Not all nitrile gloves provide the same level of protection, some are better than others because of its formulation. The downside of this product though is that, it is usually sold in an expensive price.


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