A Brief Information on Which Arm Hurts during Heart Attack?

Arm Hurts during Heart Attack

Your heart is the busiest and strong muscle in your whole body and it consists of special organs that pump the blood through the whole body. In short, if you want to live a happy life then you should have a strong healthy heart.

FYI, the busiest muscle of your body is your heart and if anything bad happens to it, there are many chances that you can get heart attacks, breathing problems and many other related issues of heart including the pain in left arm.

A lot of people have been asking to me about the heart attacks symptoms and which arm hurts during the heart attack. So, this post is all about those people who are pursuing different ways to know more about the heart and issues related to it.

Before explain the pain in the arm and related stuff, I will prefer to explain a Heart attack first.

Heart Attack:

The medical term used for a heart attack is Myocardial Infarction and it is an immediate emergency that needs great care of heart. The heart attack usually occurs when the heart muscles stop working perfectly and promptly.

The main reason behind this failure of muscles is cholesterol in blood that slows down the flow of blood and your muscle starts pumping fast to provide blood to whole body. This abnormal behavior usually affects the health of a person so badly that it can cause death within days.

Which Arm Hurts During Heart Attack?

If someone asks you these questions then feel free to answer him that left arm usually hurts a lot when a person is suffering from heart diseases.

Why left arm? It’s because your heart is located at the left side of your body and the effect goes right away to the left arm obviously. So, if you are experiencing any sort of pain, irritation or inability to move your left arm, don’t slack behind to contact your health specialist. Furthermore, it is very important for you to consume healthy diet rather than high cholesterol food.

Proper exercise is also necessary along with daily morning walk because this will help your heart to stay active and keep performing its functions in right manner.

What Are The Causes Of Pain In Left Arm?

If someone asks you “which arm hurts during heart attack?” just answer him the left arm and also try your level best to explain him / her the causes of heart attack and tips to prevent them easily. the major cause of heart attack is the blockage of blood and thickness of it.

The blood vessels are quite thin and small but when your blood becomes thick, your heart took more power to pump the blood and it totally affects its performance. Not only your left arm but, your left side of neck, left shoulder also experiences a lot of pain under the heart attack.

Risks Of Heart Attack:

There are many causes and risks that can  make your life miserable and pathetic with heart diseases and few of them are; Smoking, Diabetes, Drug Abuse, High Blood Pressure, Obesity and many more. I hope after reading this post, you got the answer of your question about which arm hurts during heart attack?

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