The Danger Behind the Symptoms of Meningitis among Young Adults

Meningitis Among Young Adults

Meningitis can kill young people in hours. Approximately, 3 cases out of 100,000 population worldwide meningitis will infect. Even medications cannot sustain the good prognosis of this disease if this problem will get severe.

This disease is the inflammation of the meninges, a membrane lining of the brain and spinal cord. This maybe cause by severe infection that certain microorganisms cross the blood brain barrier.

More often, organisms that cause the development of meningitis include Nesseria meningitides, Haemophilus influenza type B and Streptococcus pneumonia.

Young adults who have frequent sinusitis, otitis media, and pneumonia have greater risk in developing into meningitis. When these organisms get inside the blood brain barrier, it can invade inside the brain and spinal cord, and the first reaction of the immune system of the body is to fight the invaders thus causing inflammation and then if not resolve, it will result to meningitis.

If the immune system is weak, then it has the possibility to have higher risk in developing meningitis. In order to treat immediately this kind of disease, everyone should learn to know the early symptoms of meningitis once young adults experience.

However, not everyone gets and acquired all this symptoms but there are symptoms which are the phatogmomonic signs thus it easily confirms the diagnosis of meningitis.

Moreover, the incubation period of time from exposure to the infection to when the first symptoms will appear depend on what kind of organism causing the infection.

It is very important to know these symptoms especially among young adults. This will initiate a signal to immediately report it your physician to prevent further problem.

These symptoms of meningitis can appear in early stage as headache, fever, vomiting and feeling ill or being weak. These early manifestations can sometimes identified or diagnose as a mild flu or just an ordinary illness.

Additionally, meningitis can altered the mental ability of the patient and also causes confusion. Moreover, petechial or purpuric rush or red ticks are more specific among meningitis patients.

The phatogmomonic signs of meningitis are positive for brudzinski’s and kernigs sign. If young adult patients are positive upon these symptoms, then it confirms the diagnosis of meningitis. Brudzinski’s symptoms can be detected when the doctor place the patient in a supine position and flex the head upward.

In this condition, meningeal irritation is positive if hips, knees and ankles are flexing, or simply, when the head is flex upward there is pain in the neck. On the other hand, kernigs sign is detected if the patient is place in the supine position, one leg is straight and the other leg is flex to form a 90 degree angle then slowly extend the lower leg, the patient will usually feel pain and spasm as well as resistance to further extension of the leg can be felt.

Aside from that, other symptoms also include photophobia, altered breathing pattern and poor appetite. These symptoms of meningitis should be properly observe and don’t hesitate to report it immediately to your physician.

Do not delay these symptoms to avoid complications.

Upon knowing the symptoms of meningitis, the physician usually ordered to perform complete blood count, blood cultures and lumbar puncture to confirm the physician’s diagnosis as well as it serve as a guide for better management.

Once organisms are identified in causing meningitis, the doctor usually order a large dose of intravenous antibiotics to allow adequate amounts to cross the blood brain barrier in order to eradicate the organisms that causes the problems.

However, the physician also prescribes to have adjunctive therapies in order to minimize the inflammation in the membrane. These medications include corticosteroids like Dexmamethasone and hyperosmolar agents like Mannitol. This way the disease will treat early in order to prevent further complications to arrive.

Young people who have the symptoms of meningitis are encouraged to strictly take the medications especially among antibiotic treatments. It is very important to take and follow this right prescription of the doctor to avoid complication to happen.

Everyone should take the responsibility to search and know the nature of this disease. So that proper treatments and management could be given. In order to prevent acquiring such condition, young adult should encourage taking vaccinations against this kind of organisms so that you will be protected.

If you have an underlying problems that can be at risk in developing meningitis, one should consult it directly to the physician in order to treat it and stop the progression of this disease.

Also when certain young adults love to travel in different countries, they should have preventive measures to do like vaccinations, insect repellent and others that can help prevent meningitis.

Always take good care of your body. For it is the temple of God. Finally, responsibility plays a major role in acquiring a healthy life. One should have self discipline and checkups in order to have wellness and disease free body.

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