Iron Supplement Side Effects

Iron Supplement

Medications are design to treat certain disease in the body. It can help alleviate the pain, treat certain condition or even it can be as a palliative treatment. All medications are useful but all of them also have side effects. These side effects can be minor to some individuals or even be very fatal o all.

Upon taking these medications, everyone should be responsible to know the drug’s reaction and its effects it will bring to the body. Always check with your doctor about these side effects for you to be aware. Moreover, there are 6 important rights to know in taking certain kind of medication.

First is to know the right medication. When the doctor prescribe you a drug, always ask the importance of the drug and would it be beneficial to your condition.

Second is right preparation. It is very important to know the right preparation for you to follow carefully on how to intake the drug.

Third is the right timing. It should have right timing on what time you take the drug.

Fourth is right dosage. The physician usually indicate in there prescription the dosage of the medications. Some medications can be taken orally, intravenously, sublingual, inhalation or tropical administration.

Sixth is the right documentation. Be sure to have a daily journal with you. These will you remember the effects and remarks upon taking your medication.

Always take a note on when you take the medication, the side effects you’ve experience, the actions you’ve taken upon experiencing the side effects and the schedule of your medication intake as well as your follow up check up schedule.

This way, it can help you gather data and review this data if future problem will occur.

Taking supplemental vitamins, like iron supplements, have also side effects. We know that iron supplements help the consumer from iron replacement for health reasons. Usually, iron supplements or other iron preparation medications are ordered by physician to treat iron deficiency conditions.

These include any forms of anaemia and other underlying problems. Also it is ordered for vitamin supplementation especially among malnourished and pregnant women. However, iron supplementation also has side effects.

Upon taking this kind of medications, the person should instruct by the doctor or the nurse the side effects so that they will be aware and will also reports some serious effects that will experience.

The following side effects are commonly seen when someone is taking iron supplements. First, when taking the medication, constipation is expected to be experience. That is why person’s taking iron supplements are advice to drink plenty o water to have easy defecation.

Second, when taking iron supplements the common side effects will be, the stool will turn darkened or green in colour. This is due to the colour pigments of the medications.

Others will also experiences diarrhea. But only few will experience this kind of side effects. Third, upon taking iron supplement, the people will experiences stomach upset. It is very important to drink the medications with meals to prevent stomach pain.

Usually, the doctor or nurses advice the patient that upon taking iron supplements, it is expected to experience stomach discomfort. Fourth common side effects are nausea and vomiting. Usually, after drinking this medication, the person is advice to rest for 30 minutes. This will prevent the person from vomiting. Sixth would be heartburn.

To prevent this problem to occur, always tell the patients to never lie down after taking iron supplements to prevent acid reflux. Finally, some persons also experiences headache and backache upon taking iron supplements. So, proper rest is encouraged.

These common side effects should be taught to patients or persons taking iron supplements so that they will get panic if these side effects are observe.

However, the medical personnel also emphasize to the consumers that there are also adverse effects or severe side effects that will accompany in taking this kind of medications.

It should be very important to instil in their mind so that proper management should be given to prevent fatality. They should encourage reporting it immediately to their physician for early prevention.

These adverse side effects are allergic reaction. Yes, some people are allergic to some medications and one of this is iron supplements. Upon taking this medications and later on you develop rushes, hives, itching, swelling of the mouth, face, lips and tongue as well as difficulty in breathing and chest tightness, then it is the indications that the person is suffering from allergic reaction.

If early manifestation of allergic reaction is observe, it should be reported immediately to the physician to prevent further complication and eventually to death.

Additionally, aside from allergic reaction, some person will experience black, tarry stools or blood streak stools. These are due to severe gastric ulcers in the stomach.

Immediate medical attention is advice, to prevent haemorrhage and shock later on. And lastly, observe for some severe and persistent vomiting or stomach pain. These severe side effects will cause fatal problem if not prevented.

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