Signs And Symptoms of Children’s Cold

Children’s Cold

Children’s cold is a common health problem among kids, especially if they are active and likes to run and play around all day. Nearly all children suffer this illness for at least once a year.

Studies also show that, infants are more susceptible to catch cold more than once in a year because of their weaker immune system. Children’s cold occurs more often during winter season than any time of the year. This article will talk about more about this simple symptom that may later develop into a bigger health problem.

Common causes of common cold

Common colds is just a mild infection in the respiratory system that are caused by bacteria and viruses. Though simple and easily curable, this symptom is highly contagious, it can spread from person to person very easily. The virus that causes common cold can be easily transmitted through coughing, sneezing, and or sharing personal items that contains that virus like handkerchief, utensils, etc.

Because children have weaker immune system, they are more prone to this disease than adults. They can contract this disease from any adult or member in the family and may have harsher effect on them then to older individuals.

Sometimes, a child may be exposed into more than one cold causing virus; hence, he or she will suffer from cold for more times in a single year. Thus, early symptoms of this disease should be addressed right away to avoid complications.

Common symptoms

Mucus along the line of the nose results to runny nose, sore throat and cough; these are the most common symptoms for colds. Yellow, yellowish or green colored nasal discharge is seen in children’s cold. Sometimes, a child may have a slight fever because of the condition. A high fever on the other hand, can be a sign of influenza.

There are also other symptoms aside from these like, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing, earache, excess coughing, and vomiting. In this case, you need to see a doctor right away.

Cure for children’s colds may not work right away, and antibiotics are not really advised for manageable conditions. The most important thing to avoid this disease is through strengthening the immune system by taking enough vitamins.

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