Top Signs On How To Tell If You Have Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is arguably the leading type of cancer that results to death. The ACS or American Cancer Society estimates 175,000 new cases are diagnosed a year in United States. And over 90 percent of the cases results from current or former smokers.

Lung cancer, unlike many types of cancer, has tell-tale signs and symptoms even from its early stage. In our day and age today, where vices and pollution gets harder and harder to avoid, it would be of great help if we know how to tell if you have lung cancer right from its early signs.

Here are some of persistent signs and symptoms associated with this type of disease that you should know:

  • Wheezing during exhalation
  • Chest pain prevalent when coughing
  • Extreme fatigue due to muscle weakness as oxygen is not thoroughly distributed throughout the body.
  • Consistent fever with unknown reason
  • Difficulty and/or pain in breathing as nagging coughs constrict the bronchioles
  • Persistent coughing
  • Blood-streaked sputum or coughing out of blood/ hemoptysis
  • Weight loss without trying
  • Swelling of the face caused by tumors pressing the large blood vessels near the lung.

As you may observe, these symptoms may be associated with other lung problem too, such as bronchitis or tuberculosis, that’s is why it is very important to get yourself checked if such symptoms start to occur, especially if you’re a heavy smoker, or usually get exposed to second-hand smoke, or any air pollutant that can damage the lung, such as asbestos.

Lung cancer is a killer disease, and unlike heart failure, it is not a silent disease, as you would have to suffer from its pain for really long time. And though it is prevalent in men, it chooses no status or gender. Thus, it is very important to have yourself checked regularly.

Identification of early signs and symptoms and diagnostic examinations are the best way to verify and how to tell if you have lung cancer. Once these signs are evident, the patient will then be subject to sudden changes in his/her body such as noticeable weight loss, anorexia, distant pains, recurring headache, and weak bones causing easy fractures.

Though signs may help how to tell if you have lung cancer, only a certified physician can diagnose you with such disease. His findings come from results of various tests you should take like X- ray, CT scan, Bronchoscopy, and needle biopsy. These signs are just here to help you spot its early signs before things get worse.

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