Foods to Avoid to Control High Blood Pressure

Foods to Avoid to Control High Blood Pressure

Affecting over 20% of the population of United States, hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common diseases that lead to cardiac arrest and death. The scarier thing about this condition is that, almost 1/3 are unaware that they have this condition.

Until they reach the age of 55, more men than women suffer from the complications of this condition. At this age, symptoms become more prevalent in women. The most common cause of this saddening condition is of course, unhealthy diet and bad lifestyle.

Avoiding certain foods is the best way to prevent high blood pressure from worsening. This article will teach you of some foods you should avoid staying away from this condition and/or preventing it from worsening and causing more health complications.

Staying away from fatty foods, processed foods and salty foods and avoiding alcohol is a good jumpstart.

Processed foods are most often than not, filled with sodium. Chips, crackers, even noodles and breakfast foods such as cereals, are high in salt. Too much salt can cause the water from the bloodstream to draw out; this increases the volume of the blood which then increases the chances for hypertension. To keep your blood from thickening, it is advised to avoid salty foods and go for natural and fresh foods like fruits and vegetable.

Although avoiding this food can help improve the condition of an individual who has high blood pressure, the diet is not intended to replace medical treatment prescribed by the doctors.

There are mainly two factors that can determine the pressure level of your blood: the amount of the blood the heat is able to pump and the diameter of arteries that flows blood coming from the heart. Fatty foods and too much salt can cause the arteries to narrow; as a result, it increases resistance in the flow of the blood.

The heart pumps blood to send blood, oxygen and nutrients to other parts of the body. As the passages of the blood narrows, it leaves the heart no choice but to pump harder, which then leads to hypertension.

Another part of the body that should be taken care of to prevent high blood pressure is the kidney. The kidney helps regulate blood pressure by secreting the hormone rennin. But eating salty and fatty foods can cause the kidney to secrete more rennin, which can contract the arteries and thereby, hypertension.

A diet with saturated fats, particularly trans fats is one of the leading cause of hypertension. These substances can cause stress to the circulatory system causing complications in the flow of the blood. Avoiding foods from fast foods and red meats can help reduce high blood pressure.

Alcohol on the other hand should be avoided when you have high blood pressure. Though certain types and amounts of alcohol have been proven to provide healthy benefits, this substance can cause the condition to worsen even in small amounts. Alcohol should not be taken until the blood pressure is in a normal condition.

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