The Help of Healthy Diet in Controling High Blood Pressure

Healthy Diet in Controling High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the leading disease causing death in most countries around the world; the condition is widely spread although the number of individuals affected by this disease and its complications varies from place to place.

In United States alone, hypertension affects nearly 20% of the country’s entire population. The worst thing about this condition is that, about 1/3 of those who have it doesn’t know they already have it until the age of 55, where most of the complications starts to show up, causing big health problems.

Inactivity, bad lifestyle and imbalanced diet are the common cause of having high blood pressure. This condition leads to so many diseases that can be fatal ending; heart attack and stroke are just two of its common results.

Changing your lifestyle into more active and healthy one can be really hard to do, as it would take a lot of effort and dedication to do so. However, if you want to live healthy longer, there are no other ways to stay away from this disease and its complications. Engaging into sports and some other active recreational activities can keep you away from the risks of high blood pressure.

Any activities that can make you sweat and cause your heart to pump more blood can be healthy to your body. However, as we age, not every activity available out there is suitable for us, as stress and fatigue can trigger hypertension attacks. Thus, our best option left is to take note of what we eat. Avoiding certain foods and taking in healthy foods can lessen the risks of high blood pressure.

Avoiding fatty foods, processed foods and salty foods and giving up your daily dose of alcohol can make a huge difference in your jumpstart to healthy living.

Fatty foods are filled with cholesterol, a compound that is notorious in clogging the arteries and block the distribution of blood throughout the body. A diet of Excessive cholesterol is the leading cause of heart disease and conditions leading to strokes.

Processed foods on the other hand are usually covered with sodium. Cereals, crackers, chips ad even instant noodles are foods that are high in salt. Though salt makes our foods tasty, too much of it can cause damage to the bloodstream. It can force water to stretch to the blood stream, adding more volume to the blood which increases the risks of hypertension, as your heart will have a hard time pumping thick blood.

Eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies can help regulate the volume of your blood.

Too much fatty acids and sodium can lead to the narrowing of the arteries, which will cause resistance to the blood flow. If this happens, the heart would be forced to pump harder to send blood all over the body, and this is the start of hypertension.

Fruits and veggies can make a huge difference in high blood pressure conditions; however, these foods should not be used to replace medications and supplements to treat the condition. Taking your medicine as prescribed by your doctor and having a regular check up of your blood pressure is very important to keep track of your health status.

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