Living with High Blood Pressure

Living with High Blood Pressure

Having an increase in blood pressure or hypertension in the medical terms can bring danger in one’s health condition. Why? It is because it can damage every delicate blood vessels and capillaries in different body organs that can cause severe body damage.

For example, if too much blood pressure will happen and blood vessels in the brain exploded, thus hemorrhage happens, this condition will later on resulted to stroke that causes debilitation of the body functions.

Furthermore, if the pressure happens in the heart, then cardiac arrest will be the result, the rest organs will be the same pathophysiology. That is why, having diagnosed with hypertension can be a great challenge because big adjustments are much recommended in order to control the blood pressure and prevented severe damage if it will not be controlled.

You will know later on how certain individuals live a life having blood pressure and how they will manage it accordingly. They will know how to develop helpful tips, healthy diet, active activities and medications which can help in controlling the blood pressure.

Changes to Make in High Blood Pressure

Being diagnosed as having hypertension, you need to undergo certain life changes including your lifestyle in order to manage carefully the blood pressure, thus making it in the normal range. These are:

  • Always have a healthy diet
  • Eating foods that hive enough nutrients which are commonly found in the vegetables, fruits and other dairy products will help in lowering the blood pressure. Furthermore, the best recommended diet for individuals having high blood pressure is to use DASH diet. Probably you wonder what this kind of diet is.
  • Well, this type of diet is oftentimes recommended by your doctors and nutritionist in order to improve as well as maintain the blood pressure of yours. In fact, it is proven to be effective that is why you should try to learn and apply it by heart. You should have diet containing low salt and low fat diets, aside from that avoid eating foods like coffee and tea for it contains stimulants. Remember this key points because it will help you maintain the pressure in the normal level.
  • Manage carefully your weight. Indeed, you should lose your weight if you are overweight because lowering your body weight may help you lower down your cholesterol level which can be a contributor in hypertension. So, start planning your meal that requires fewer calories and using weight management program should be enjoyable.
  • Sedentary lifestyle is not good for you; instead get an active lifestyle by having a regular exercise every day. This can effectively lower down your high blood pressure.
  • Stress is the major contributor also when it come to hypertension, so you need to manage your stress accordingly. How? Well, have your body undergo relaxation techniques which includes meditation, massage and progressive muscle relaxation. By doing this, it will surely lower down your blood pressure.
  • If you have bad vices like smoking and alcohol, well, you should cut it down immediately for you to control certain diseases that will arise if you continue these vices. Smoking cessation is highly recommended, for the reason that nicotine can help in increasing blood pressure and heart rate, aside from that, it causes vasoconstriction or blood vessels constriction in which blood circulation will greatly affected. On the other hand, moderation or cessation of alcoholic beverages is strongly encouraged for it can also increases blood pressure.
  • Check regularly your blood pressure, because frequent monitoring makes it easy for you to assess the flow of the blood pressure. Meaning, you will see some improvements which can motivate you to persevere and also it provides tracking data regarding the status of your blood pressure.
  • Always faithful in taking your antidepressant medications. Some of these drugs commonly ordered by physician are diuretics and potassium medications which are the priority treatment for elevated blood pressure, beta blocker, beta adrenergic blocker, calcium channel blocker and others which are all helpful in maintaining normal blood pressure level.


Lifestyle changes is very challenging when it comes to controlling your blood pressure, but, it is a key also to the prevention of severe damage like stroke and coronary artery disease which will accompany with high blood pressure. That is why; self control and perseverance are being encouraged in order to achieve the improvements you need in controlling blood pressure.

Avoid foods that can trigger a sudden increase in blood pressure, also avoid stress, faithfully follow the physician’s advice especially the antidepressant medications, control weight and of course live your life positively even though you have high blood pressure.

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