The Risks of High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very sensitive and crucial time for both the mother and her child. The first few months are the most critical for the developing child in the womb.

It is in these first few months where the development of the physical characteristics of the child takes place, like the development of the brain, limbs, arms, legs and organs. That is why it is very important for the pregnant woman to take good care of her self to ensure good health condition of the baby.

One of the most worrying conditions during this stage is illness, as mothers are not allowed to take any medications to relieve or cure their sickness as drugs may affect the baby. Conditions like high blood pressure, or sometimes even low blood pressure, during pregnancy is not new because of hormonal instability.

A 120/70 of blood pressure during pregnancy is not really a big deal, and there’s nothing much to worry about because it is just caused by the drastic changes and hormonal imbalances inside the woman’s body, thus treatment or any medications are not necessary.

However, if chronic infections and continuing sickness such as gestational diabetes, chronic pains, stress and preeclampsia, or even in the time of labor, the level of blood pressure can climb up to risky levels. If the reading of the blood pressure goes 130/80, then professional help and medications may be administered.

A sudden increase in the blood pressure may impose harm for both the mother and her child. At times like this, immediate attention from the doctor is advised. Dizziness, headaches and loss of consciousness can be signs of a hypertension.

Regulating blood pressure during pregnancy is very important. Risky blood pressure can lead to so many complications to both child and mom such as fetal distress and even death to both mom and her baby.

Most pregnant women tend to panic when they feel headaches while pregnant. This is understandable, as conditions like this is advised for natural healing instead of drug medications as much as possible. However, there will always be time when the pain caused by headache can be intolerable. Pain can be very excruciating especially if you haven’t suffered from such headaches in the past. Most pain caused by headaches when pregnant is above the eyes.

The pain can be so bad that it would be hard even to open the eyes and will still hurt even when moving the eyes when lying down. The feeling of dizziness and disorientation occurs when you stand up. At times like this, most doctors advise women to endure the pain and just rest at home or at the hospital, especially when the blood pressure is in a risky level.

The feeling of depression after giving birth is also common, this is called the post-partrum. This stage can also lead to drastic rise of blood pressure. There can be no physical symptoms in this kind of condition aside from having a very high blood pressure level, which can really make you stay inside the hospital for days until you are able to lower the blood pressure with medication.

Usually, medications for post-partrum can last up to a week or two, before it can really help you manage and set your blood pressure in a normal level.

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