Understanding High Blood Pressure Reading

Understanding High Blood Pressure Reading

The idea of high blood pressure is often hard to understand because it is usually explained through numbers. For a layman individual, this can be confusing as there are numbers can be hard to understand.

Doctor consultations are really advised for an individual to fully understand the concept of this life-threatening disease.

There’s a needed pressure for the arteries to allow right flow of the blood, plus oxygen and nutrients plays a big part in the proper distribution and flow of the blood in to all parts of the body. The right flow of the blood allows all the parts of the body to function well and promote better nutrients absorption through good metabolism.

The tool that measures blood pressure typically measures the pressure of the blood within the arteries. It measure two beatings, first the systolic pressure or the pressure in which the heart pumps blood to the arteries and second, the diastolic pressure in which measures the pressure of the blood that flows back from the arteries to the heart.

The constant pressure within the arteries keeps the proper flow of the blood. This pressure is maintained by the smooth muscle cells that surround that artery walls. Within this wall and its pressure, the arteries will collapse easily in between each beat your heart makes.

Our blood pressure is measured using two listed numbers. The normal blood pressure is at 120/80, the 120 is the systolic blood pressure while the 80 is the diastolic. In normal conditions, the artery walls are smooth and flexible, allowing relaxation in the muscle cells.

Those people with high blood pressure condition or hypertension have stiffer artery walls. The stiffness of the walls of the arteries is usually caused by cholesterol settling on the walls. This present increased resistance to blood that tries to flow through the arteries, forcing the heart to pump harder.

There are four categories in measuring blood pressure. Pressure is categorized from normal to severe condition. In normal category we have 120 or less as systolic and 80 or less as diastolic. For pre-hypertension condition we have 121-139 systolic and 80-89 diastolic. First stage of hypertension has 14-159 or 90-99. Hypertension stage has 160 and above or 100 and above.

Hypertension is considered as a silent killer, as it presents small or even no symptoms in its first stages. But when an organ in the body translates the damage, the consequences of the disease will simultaneously manifest.

Increase of blood pressure imposes so many physically-disabling and life-threatening risks, like heart attack and stroke. Bad blood pressure can also result to damage more parts of the body, specifically the organs like kidney, which it can cause kidney failure and eye problems which will lead to blindness. But the scariest part of hypertension is heart failure, as it occurs when heart muscles get tired in pushing against the hard resistance of the arteries.

Controlling this condition takes a lot of sacrifices in the part of the patient. If you want to live longer and get through this disease, you have to change your bad lifestyle in to good and healthy way of living, like having a good diet plan, eating healthy, exercise, take proper medications and therapies. It may be hard to battle this disease, but it is always worth it because it is your life that is at risk.

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