Common Menopause Concerns

Common Menopause Concerns

There are many problems arise from menopause, the sad thing about this is that, every woman should learn how to deal with it as they would come to face that reality later in their lives.

This condition can bring lots of annoying and irritable symptoms which can really ruin the day not just of the woman but also of the people around her, as they would be affected by his actions and emotions. Other problems in this condition vary from onset of symptoms and to the severity of it that affects the woman and how long it stays. Problems may stay for as long as eight years before the final menstruation occurs.

Problems from this condition branch out from the changing hormones, especially when both estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s ovaries fail to maintain their count in the body while she was still in her fertile years. The symptoms manifest and affect the woman from head to toe. Thus, onset symptoms, some other symptoms may arrive.

This article will narrow down some of the common effects of menopause stage in a woman’s body.

Anxiety and depression

Though there is no solid proof to link menopause to anxiety and depression yet, study shows that women in this stage of their lives, tend to feel these emotions more frequently than when they were younger. This can be caused by the feeling of uncertainty because of aging like agitation, nervousness and sadness, hormonal changes, or other physical problems brought by this condition.

Headaches and migraines

Though usually confused as the same, these illnesses are two different things. The usually cause of headaches is triggered by hormonal changes, and it happens when the blood vessels narrow, constricting the flow of the blood to the brain. Headaches vary on the intensity and frequency of the attacks. Though there are no single reasons that can pin point the cause of migraine attacks, this can be explained through emotional and psychological strain that the women experience when in menopausal stage. The body chemicals changes drastically, resulting to uncomfortable feeling like stress.


Another common problem caused by menopause is sleeplessness and restlessness. The chemical called serotonin in the body is drastically reduced by the condition, causing drowsiness and nausea. Low level of serotonin plus the feeling of anxiety can give so much stress in the mind, causing any woman under this condition to feel weak but unable to sleep. Other symptoms like night sweating or also known as hot flashes, and headache, can really interrupt sleep.


The thinning of vaginal walls can cause a woman to loss control of her bladder. The amount of estrogen in the body keeps the vaginal walls thick; this helps ladies to withhold urine. If the estrogen decreases, vagina walls would loss its capacity to withhold urine. However, there is an exercise that can help any woman to regain the strength of her pelvic muscles; this is called the Kegel exercise. Kegel is also used to increase the woman’s libido.

Vaginal Dryness and Painful Intercourse

The loss of estrogen stops the production of natural lubrication in the vagina. Vagina gets dry as a result, making sex a painful activity for the woman. This symptom can go beyond the physical condition, as it can affect the self esteem of the woman, and her sense of security in her relationship with her partner.

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