Discover More about Andropause and What’s Its All About


Many may have heard of Andropause but do not know exactly what it means. Some may say that this is something that really does not exist at but some may say that it is true.

Well for those who do not have an idea of what this is may be able to read this article out of curiosity. For women, this particular aging condition is referred to as menopause. For men, the term being used is Andropause. Most of us are aware about this when it comes to women, while with men; there is still that big question.

The menopausal period for men are not far away from that of women, more often they do experience this at the age of 50. Now if the women encounters hormonal imbalance through their ovaries, men will be able to experience certain undesirable symptoms duet to the changes in their testosterone levels. Of course one thing that is really impossible to battle in life is aging.

With technology and medical advancement nowadays, we can only slow down the process of aging but not stop it. And since this male menopause issue is one of those obvious signs of aging, not only women are afraid to reach this stage but men as well.

What can be frustrating about this Andropause stage are its symptoms. Men and women happen to have the same issues as they get to experience almost the same symptoms when it comes to this condition.  And since this is more acknowledged as an aging condition for women and less for men, sometimes such male menopausal issues are being wrongly diagnosed and treated.

That is why it is essential that you take note of the age bracket where one happens to encounter this particular issue, as well as the symptoms. Take note, this may also occur to some younger men.

You are probably interested with the symptoms that occur to people who are suffering from Andropause. Men may as well encounter having occasional mood swings. This is the same with women isn’t it? So probably they also encounter the same depressing state and then eventually would lead to another emotion such as anger.

Men could as well experience feeling tired all the time, although we are aware that in a certain age bracket we will do feel many things which we haven’t felt when we were years younger, however that is where everything begins.

Mood swings and fatigue is common, however there are also other symptoms that you should consider before you conclude that you are really in this stage of aging and you are experiencing Andropause. One of the major symptoms that men can be very frustrated about is having that low sexual drive and the inability to keep a peal erection. They can even experience having such sleeping disorders such as insomnia for instance.

These Andropause related symptoms may also be caused by various health issues so you will still have to consider other options of knowing if you are really undergoing this particular aging condition. Might as well try getting in touch with your doctor as soon as you encounter the symptoms so your issue can be diagnosed properly.

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