Managing Hot Flashes in Menopause

Hot Flashes in Menopause

Permanent ending of menstrual cycle or menopause marks the end of woman’s ability to bear a child. For most women, this can be a vital turning point of their lives, but there are also symptoms of this condition that makes it unmanageable and frustrating for most women.

There are so many supplements and treatments advertised to help women on their menopause; you can take them to aid you to manage symptoms brought by this condition.

Symptoms of menopause can impose lots of health risks. Doctors usually prescribe synthetic hormone estrogen to help maintain the balance of the patient’s hormone and minimize uncomfortable symptoms. Progestin, synthetic progesterone and sometimes, androgens are also good in easing symptoms.

Treatments and supplements can really help you manage menopause, but most of the time, these products and treatments can make you spend hundreds of dollars. If you want to save your money and still manage this turning point of your life, it will be best if you take a balance diet.

During the menopausal period, it is advised that you include something from each food group in your daily diet. Eat food with carbohydrates and proteins (you can opt for protein alternatives to avoid health complications though), dairy products, some fats and of course, lots of nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Do not skip any meals, especially breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is a common fact, yet many people tend to forget about it and just eat brunch. Also, eat small but nutritious snacks between meals to keep your energy up. You can eat fruits or yogurt as snacks. Eat on smaller plates and do not over eat.

Hot flashes are highly possible during menopausal stage. Hot flash is when you sweat too much and make you really feel wet. This can occur in your sleep or even in the middle of the day. Alcohol, coffee, tea, and spicy foods are the common things that triggers hot flushes, try not to take these things too much. By eating right, these uncomfortable symptoms can be easily avoided.

Mood swings are also evident uncomfortable symptom of menopause. In menopausal period, the hormones of a woman fluctuate and can easily cause mood swings, making them irritable and depressed. Depression is caused by a low level of serotonin in the brain. This however, can be easily relieved through eating food rich in carbohydrates. Bagels, whole grain and cereals with Omega 3 and food which is rich in fatty acids like salmon can help improve this symptom.

Another common symptom of this condition is weight gain. As the estrogen level goes down, the body makes up by redistributing fats. Unfortunately for women, these fats settled around the stomach. The mass of the muscles are also decreased, causing women to have slower metabolism, make them gain weight as a result. In time like this, women are advised to cut down their daily intake of saturated fats. Instead of frying, it will be better to boil and grill the food. Drinking lots of water can help flush away toxins and increase metabolism.

The best way to burn these unwanted fasts is of course, getting active and exercise.

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