Premenopausal Symptoms: Sense of Physical, Mental and Emotional Imbalances

Premenopausal Symptoms

Aging occurs to everyone, its part to every human life. We cannot control aging or stop the process of it. Instead, we humans wait for it and welcome the new phase of life. People tend to deny the fact of aging process some are trying to prevent it or even control it like dieting, engage in exercises and even take pills for anti aging. For women, aging is more serious especially when it comes to menopausal phase because we cannot prevent it.

Premenopausal is a transition period of productive years to unproductive years also called the cessation of menstruation. Usually, it starts as early as 35 years old to 50’s. Basically, it is part of the aging process, the end of fertility and beginning of new phase in a woman’s life. Because of hormonal imbalance the estrogen levels will decrease in which the lining of the uterus will no longer build up thus it stop menstruating.

Moreover, the progesterone level when reaches to this age will drop to zero.  Because of this shift of hormonal imbalances, woman experiences sense of physical, mental and emotional imbalances that characterizes different signs and symptoms.  That explained the moody feeling that the woman experiences.

Sometimes, we women cannot associate the rationale behind these things, but medically speaking, it is due to premenstrual signs. Here are some signs and symptoms that the woman will experiences. Take a closer look with these symptoms for you to be aware.

Some women find it difficult to cope with this signs and have a hard time to adjust in this phase. These premenopausal symptoms include: changes in menstrual cycle, in which some experience a shorter or longer periods, or others even have missed periods.

In addition to these, hot flushes occur. It is due to a sudden rush of heat from your chest to your head, in which it affects the part of the brain that regulates the body temperature.

Also vaginal dryness occurs as well as dry skin and skin changes. Aside from that other woman experience insomnia and other sleep disturbances.

In terms of emotional aspect woman usually experience sudden mood swings, depression which is commonly seen among premenopausal state, panic attacks and even general irritability and anger with unknown cause. Additionally, in the physical aspect, they experience hair thinning or hair loss, urinary incontinence, other urinary infection, decrease in libido and even pain during sex.

Others will have increase body fat, most especially around the waste area. That’s why after premenopausal state some women will increase their body weight. Because of this changes the woman will actually feel depress and tend to feel regretful.

Because of these premenopausal symptoms others find it difficult to cope and some are trying to adjust with this new phase of their life. The most important thing to do is to be flexible in a ways that they cannot be affected to this sudden change.

In the new phase like this, woman should find a way to help herself from being affected too much to avoid stagnation and depression which may later result to serious disability.

Maybe to easily adjust to this situation, they should start to build something new activity which is outside from her daily routine activities. Perhaps, engage in relaxation exercises and meditation to control irritability and anger.

She should divert her attention to other leisure activities so that she cannot concentrate on the signs and symptoms that started to appear in her.

In terms of dryness she can control it by applying moisturizers or lotions perhaps. When the vaginal environment will also get dry, she can apply lubricant or even consult a physician for better management.

Aside from that lubricant can also be apply during intercourse to avoid painful sex. In terms of hot flushes she can avoid it further by avoiding foods that can cause more contribution to this problem like, avoiding eating hot and spicy foods, caffeinated drinks and even heat exposure. But most importantly, she should consult a physician or an OB-Gyne, a doctor who specialize in this area for a better management and proper intervention.

It should be very important that when a woman experiences this kind of signs and symptoms consultation is must see because many diseases will soon appear. Because of hormonal imbalances it will result a sudden change of homeostasis in the body.

She should be more health conscious and regular checkups should be a habit to her to avoid regrets in the end. Aside from that it helps women preventing the body from acquiring disease. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.

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