The Signs of Perimenopausal

Signs of Perimenopausal

There are times of a woman’s life that she will reach the new phase of her life, which is the perimenopausal period. Specifically, the perimenopausal period encompasses the years which lead to menopause, the phase wherein the woman’s cease to menstruate. Menopausal stage officially starts when the woman’s period has stopped for one year. Moreover, perimenopause can occur 5- 10 years before the actual menopause, however, it also depends on the woman itself.

When we say perimenopause, it is a natural and normal time in a woman’s life, in which her body begins into the transition of menopause. Additionally, it is her span of time also, that the woman notice that her period are changing compared to the usual menstruation before it completely stop. That is when the menopause begins. Since this happening of a woman’s life is completely natural, it is not always easy to bear.

Why? Because of this, the signs and symptoms of perimenopause, will affect the woman’s sense of being. It needs thorough adjustments, for her to cope up with these sudden changes. Many women suffer the signs of perimenopause while others experience no symptoms at all. It depends only to the woman, respectively. In addition to this, the range of age that the perimenopausal woman begins varies among women.

Almost of the women notice the signs of perimenopause at 45-55 range of age. You may wonder what these signs of perimenopause are, let us discover these signs, so that women will be aware of perimenopausal signs.

Perimenopause signs can cause whole range of symptoms. Sometimes, most women will experience one or more symptoms while others only experience limited symptoms. As repeatedly says, it only depends on the woman. The main signs of perimenopause include menstrual irregularities. Some women will wonder the irregularities of their menstruation. These are changes of the intervals between periods or otherwise skip some periods. When women observe her flow, sometimes it will be scanty or profuse.

That is why; some women are vulnerable to anemia, if her period is profuse. Also, ovulation stage will become more erratic. Others would also experience the signs of decrease libido. Mostly, women notice that her sexual desire and arousal were declining. So it is very important that her husband or partner has a wide range of love, understanding and support to definitely lessen the hormonal effects to her. Another would be, most women experience hot flushes and night sweats.

These are the common signs that the perimenopausal women will undergo. Probably, 75-85% of women will experience these signs; however, the intensity, duration and frequency may vary from time to time. Some women also experience vaginal problems. These problems are due to hormonal changes in the woman’s body. Specifically, estrogen levels, once these estrogen levels become diminish, the vaginal tissue will loss it’s lubrication and elasticity, which may result to a painful intercourse or uncomfortable.

Sometimes, most women will use lubricating jelly during sexual intercourse to avoid pain. Also, sleep problems will experience by some perimenopausal women. Mood changes are commonly be the signs of perimenopausal women. These are due to fluctuating hormones or changes in the hormone levels. Because of these, some will experience mood swings, depression, irritability, anxiety and difficulty in handling stress. Another would be bladder problems.

Once the hormone level changes, and estrogen level will lower to its normal level, then woman is very vulnerable to urinary tract incontinence, as well as the tissue will loss it’s tone, in which it can end up to incontinence. Loss of bone mass is also one of the perimenopausal signs. The hormone estrogen, in which the hormone levels will decline, then the woman has greater risk of osteoporosis, because calcium is loss faster than it has replaced.

So, physician usually, ordered diet rich in calcium and vitamin d as well as weight bearing exercises are recommended to keep your bone strong, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis and bone breakdown. Some women also experience body and skin changes. As observed, body fats will increase and muscle mass may decrease because of the decline of the estrogen levels.

That is why, most women will become fat at this stage, and so, frequent exercises are recommended to control weight. Moreover, lower level of estrogen affects the collagen of the woman’s skin, making it thinner and its elasticity is not anymore normal. And lastly, sore breast or nipples are usually experience. Most women are complaining of painful breast prior and during menstruation while others have soreness of breast and nipples at all times.

As said earlier, not all these signs will experience by all women. Sometimes, they will experience two or more of these symptoms while others are not. However, if you experience any of these symptoms and you’re very uncomfortable with it, then consult a medical service provider or your personal physician. Verbalize to your physician about what you feel, so that they can help you assess your condition and succeeding treatment will be given to minimize your agony.

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