Coping with Migraine Attacks

Coping with Migraine Attacks

Migraine is a widely spread disease, it is common among every group of people around the world, affecting nearly 10% of every population. Attacks of this condition don’t choose any race or ethnic group, and is not related to environmental factors like climate and geographical location.

What is more saddening about this condition is that there is really no cure for it. Severity and frequency of attacks can be lessened but there is really no permanent cure for this condition.

Migraine affects women three times more than men. Evidences also show that this illness can be hereditary. Most people who suffer from this condition have history of severe and recurring headaches in the family.

Migraine is a difficult condition to cope knowing that there really is no cure for it. Headache attacks can be very weakening and can really incapacitate you from doing normal and everyday activities. For people with this condition, attacks can be excruciating.

In coping with migraine, it is important that you don’t just take drug medications, knowing the essential things to do whenever attacks occur is a good way to lessen the intensity and longevity of headache attack.

When being attacked by migraine, it will be good if you rest in a dark and quite place as much as possible. Rest in a dark and quite room with your eyes closed or use an eye mask.

Prescriptions are normally given to treat the pain of the headache. Prescription drugs include Maxalt, Imitrex, Relpax, etc. These drugs are only prescribed by physicians only after diagnosis of the condition is made. Diagnosis for this illness includes MRI, to cancel out other physical problems.

This condition can also be self-treated; you can choose over-the-counter drugs, migraine patches, topical medications, and/or therapy sessions like meditation if possible. Getting a good and quality sleep can also help reduce the risk of attacks.

Getting yourself to sleep when being attacked by severe headache may be very hard to do, but actually, you can sleep off part of the migraine attack. Attacks can last for hours, but when you had a good sleep, the intensity of the headache will be reduced significantly. Getting a good and quality rest is very important to reduce stress, which is thought to be the primary cause of an attack.

Severe and bad headache caused by this condition can last for hours, or even days in some cases, depending on its contributory factors. It can be very excruciating, but there things you can do to help yourself cope with the pain and still be productive during attacks.

Bright light is one contributory factor of bad headache attacks, thus wearing dark sunglasses and avoiding bright lights can be helpful.

Dim lighting the room where you are working can be a great help. Close and rest your eyes whenever possible. Also, wear earplugs to cover your ear from loud and irritating office noises.

Always bring Migraine Patches with you, to provide yourself a good relief from excruciating attacks in the middle of the day. You can also use Topical Medications to have that cooling effect as you reduce the intensity of the pain.

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