The Effects of Migraine Headache

Migraine Headache


Migraine is the common complaint of people around the world nowadays. In fact, it affects more than 28 million of patients in the population with females are more susceptible in this kind of condition than males.

Furthermore, frequent migraine can be a burden to everyone because it can create a big impact on one’s work, will lost your productivity and leaves you meaningless when it comes to work. Some migraine is diagnosed b y medical practitioner while others remain under undiagnosed.

That is why, a person does not know if the headache they’ve experience are not just an ordinary headache but instead it’s a migraine already. So, careful observation on your body’s manifestations is very important in order to prevent further severity of the problem. This article will give you overviews and information’s regarding the effects of migraine in every individuals.


This kind of condition is a form of vascular headache, which means that there are enlargements of blood vessels or vasodilatation in the head that can lead to the release of chemicals from nerve fibers that twirl around the large arteries of the brain. This chemicals cause’s pain, inflammations as well as further enlargement of the artery.

Further enlargement of the arteries amplifies pain which is the common manifestations of migraine and common complaint of people. The pain can cause intense burning and is pulsating in one area of the head which will accompany by extreme sensitivity to sound and light, vomiting as well as nausea. In fact, migraine attack can last up to hours and even days.

In addition to this, the attack will activate the sympathetic nervous system which is the “fight or flight” response, the responsible for the pain and stress that usually experience. The effects of the sympathetic response are:

  • There is increase sympathetic activity which contributes to the sensitivity of sound and light as well as blurry vision.
  • The sympathetic activity delays the emptying of the stomach into the small intestines which explains the nausea and vomiting that is the common manifestations of the migraine. Also, this activity can prevent oral medications from absorption thus decreasing the effectiveness of these medications.
  • Aside from that, the increase activity of the sympathetic nervous system can decrease the blood’s circulation then can lead to skin pallor and cold hands and feet.


The exact cause of migraine headache is not clearly identify, but medical study shows that the enlargement of blood vessels in the brain and the release of chemicals that is the responsible for the pain and inflammation contributes to the causes of migraine attack.

Some factors may precipitate the attack of migraine headache. These are:

  1. Stress and tension are one of the risk factors that can trigger the attack especially if these individuals are suffering from physical and emotional stress.
  2. Frequent smoking habits can cause migraine and can also interfere with the treatment regimen on the long run.
  3. Foods like cheese, chocolates, nuts, MSG a food additives that are present in many foods, and alcohol can trigger headache and will progress to migraine if not controlled.
  4. Skipping meals can also bring headache.
  5. Familial history is also one of the contributing factors that migraine headache brings.
  6. An increase of serotonin and dopamine are also contributes to the pain experience by some.

These are the triggering factors that physician determines among patients suffering from headache. They found out that this can bring effects about most of the population and are the most common data gathered prior to the attack.

Also, symptoms are typically reported in order to provide correct diagnosis and proper treatment regimen in order to provide relief of pain. Remember that pain is a big burden to the patients for it can cause great debilitation and agony which leaves them restlessness and very weak.


The symptoms varies on the patient itself, some will be experience by them while others are not. Furthermore, the symptoms of migraine headache progress through four stages. These are:

  • Aura- this is a condition wherein most patients were frequently experience, it can either be motor, sensory or verbal disturbances prior to the headache attack. Usually it begins on several minutes and will last up to 10-30 minutes respectively. Most patients will describes the Aura as vision loss, speech or language problems, needle sensation on the extremities both upper and lower part, seeing flashes of lights or bright spots and sudden weakness. These are the warning signs that will guide the patient that an attack of migraine is coming.
  •  Prodrome- this condition typically appears one or two days prior a migraine attack. Unlike an aura, these are body changes that often experience by some individuals like hyperactivity, depression, diarrhea, irritability, food cravings and constipation.
  • Attack- the migraine attack usually varies from patient to patient, if untreated migraine, usually it last up to 72 hours. The patient will complaint of blurry vision, pain on either side of the head, there is a sensitivity to light and sounds, the pain usually rate to 8-9 pain scale which describes burning and throbbing sensation as well as nausea and vomiting are experience. There are also manifestations like diarrhea and fainting or lightheadedness.
  • Post dome- this is the final phase of the stages of migraine symptoms. It occurs after the migraine headache attack. Most people in this stage are mildly elated sometimes being drained of energy.


The goals of treatment for migraine headache are centered on the relief of pain and other symptoms that are experiences by the patients and to prevent the reoccurrence of another attack.

The treatment regimen involves both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic measures which are very successful in alleviating the discomforts that brought about by migraine headache. Treatments would be:


  • Drugs like triptans that directly act on the serotonin chemicals in the brain that triggers pain. These kind of medications use to treat headache. These medications are Rizatriptans, Almotriptan (Axert), Naratriptan (Amerge), Eletriptan (Relpax), Sumatriptan (Alsuma) and Frovatriptan (Frova).
  • Other drugs are very useful also are: Dihydroergotamine (D.H.E. 45 Injection, Migranal Nasal Spray),  Acetaminophen-isometheptene-dichloralphenazone (Midrin), Ergotamine tartrate ( Cafergot) and other over the counter medications like Motrin migraine pain which contains ibuprofen, Advil migraine also contains ibuprofen and Excedrin migraine which also contains acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine.
  • For nausea manifestations treatments are: Prochlorperazine (Compazine), Promethazine (Phenergan) and Metoclopramide (Reglan).
  • Always remember that such medications have accompanies side effects, be sure that you will know what are these so that you are aware of the possible effects after you take these medications. Also, if severe reactions are experience, immediately report it to your physician so that prompt intervention will be administered and thus preventing serious medical problems.

Non-pharmacologic measures

  • Good and balance diet are best recommended with restrictions of too much sugar, MSG, caffeinated beverages and alcohol cessation can help in the alleviation as well as prevention of the impending attack.
  • Smoking cessation is also recommended for it can bring big bad effect on the body.
  • Regular exercise is the best.


On the other hand, there are other means of treating migraine headache which are also very helpful in providing relief when it comes to pain alleviation. Also, this treatment does not involve medications; these are only the other alternatives if some people won’t allow taking medications for the treatment of their migraine headache.

These are the following natural remedies that also help you in finding relief of headache that brought about by migraine.

  1. Exercise- everybody knows that regular exercise can be a healthful practice of such individual who wants to have disease free body. Also, it is one of the good preventions against other medical problems. In fact, regular exercise founds out that it is very effective remedies especially for people suffering from migraine headaches or those who have history of such condition. Just try to practice a half hour of exercise everyday like jogging or brisk walking can be very beneficial in alleviating you headache. Aside from that, exercises can help the release of endorphins; this is the body’s natural pain killers that can help blocking the chemicals which causes pain like the migraine headache experience.
  2. Aromatherapy- this is one of the best remedies with regards to alleviating the migraine headache. This involves different types of smells and aromas which can acts as a pain killers like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and sandlewood. You can use soap or candles as aroma in order to provide relief on your migraine headache. Also, you can put small amount of this products either five drops on your head in order to relive the pain that you’ve experience.
  3. Massage- a relaxing body massages with an essential body oils can be very effective in relieving you from migraine headache. In fact, touch itself is the best healer when it comes to relieving pain. You can apply eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender oil by pressing the base of your skull with fingers and release it very slowly. You will notice how wonderful is the feelings it felt upon after the massage. On the other hand, if you can’t find another person to do the massage for you, you can utilize your own fingers by rotating it around your scalp. This can be very relaxing. Moreover, massage is one of the skills that give you more comfort in relieving your stress and tired body. This is the means in diverting all your body pains and migraine headache can be relieved by this one. Isn’t it amazing?
  4.  Application of heat and cold- a warm and a cold bath can somehow helps patients suffering from migraine headache. It can give you relaxation effects thus diverting the pain that you’ve experience. Aside from that, cold and warm applications can give your head anesthetic effects thus it can add relief in headache causing problems that brings by migraine.


There are lots of ways that migraine headaches are preventive. All you have to do is explore the possible options that will help you prevent an impending attack or prevent the reoccurrence of your migraine headache.

Since prior the attack has several warning signs, an Aura will help you prepared the needed treatments in advance and other medications needed in order to prevent the worsening of the condition. In fact, you can take prophylaxis of headache prior to the attack so that the intensity of pain will not be of intense.

Also, you can practice a healthy lifestyle so that you will avoid problems concerning your health. Indeed, an active lifestyle, eating balance diet and regular exercises together with regular physical checkups will increase the possibility of preventing the disease in the environment or even migraine headache.

These criteria are very effective among healthy individuals. A big awareness of a healthy lifestyle will prevent you from danger especially for diseases.


The migraine headache is very much painful once the attack is done. However, there are ways that will help you relieve the burning sensation that bring by pain, you can take the above medications as ordered by your physician and always be aware of the side effects if ever you take drugs.

Always remember that curiosity regarding taking medications will help you prevent another problem in the future. Aside from that, prevention is better than cure, so explore the possibilities of seeking the right preventions for you.

You can apply the above information’s if it fits for you. Always practice a healthy lifestyle in order for you to prevent certain diseases which will affects your body’s homeostasis. And before deciding on the new treatment, always remember to consult your physician first because proper consultation to the right personnel regarding your condition will help you treat such condition like migraine headache.

And most especially, physician knows what are the best options regarding the treatment regimen of your migraine headache. Also, pain can hinder your productivity of the day so; you need to find relief regarding this matter for it does not help you achieve your day’s work.

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