The Importance of OTCs on Migraine Attacks

Migraine Attacks

Do you often feel like your head wants to explode because of pain? Well, you better evaluate your condition and find out if it is more than a simple headache. Recurring, persistent and severe headache is not a simple condition, it can be migraine.

This condition affects nearly about 10% of the entire world’s population and chooses no one to affect. This recurring severe headache occurs among people from every race, climate and geography has nothing to do with it. The worst part of this illness is, it occurs 3 times more in women than in men.

Evidences also show that susceptibility from this illness is usually inherited and it occurs first time at 10 and 30 years of age. This article will talk about more of this illness, what usually causes it and what to do to ease the pain whenever it attacks.

There are no studies yet that can explain what triggers migraine, however environmental factors and food allergies are suspected to contribute in this condition. Scientists suspect that migraines in women are usually caused by hormonal changes which usually occur during menstruation. But then, that is still a suspicion.

The constriction of blood vessels in the brain is often caused by environmental factors and food allergies. When the blood vessels constrict, it leads the vessels to swell causing the blood to rush into the brain cells, which then results to severe headache. Other than stress and food, genetics also plays a big role in the structure of the blood vessels.

While there is no sure cure yet for totally disabling migraine from attacking, there are many things we can do to minimize, if not avoid the attacks of this illness. Avoiding rash and impulsive factors can help greatly in preventing this condition.

Regular sleeping habits and avoiding things that causes stress, exercising and staying away from food that triggers, are the best way to prevent such painful attacks.

Also, techniques such as biofeedback or physiological control technique can help ease the severity of attacks. Other factors that contribute to attacks are drug medications such as hormone replacement therapy which contains estrogen and birth control pills, these things should be avoided by women who constantly suffer severe headache.

There are actually three main classes of drugs that can relieve the pain brought by headache fast. These are pain-relievers, vasoconstrictors, and triptans.

NSAIDs or nonsteroidial anti-inflammatory drugs don’t really target the pain caused by migraine, but it can reduce the intensity of the pain. Physicians actually recommend stronger pain-relievers to relieve attacks like codeine-based drugs.

When this condition attacks, try to find a place away from light sources. Sit down or lie down and take a pain reliever that does not cause much side-effect like drowsiness.

This illness is widespread all over the world, and it can really stop on whatever we are doing once it attacks. The good news is, there are many things we can do to relieve the pain caused by recurring headache or migraine.

This condition can actually be treated with doctor’s prescription, for those who wants faster relief, over the counter drugs for severe headache are available in drugstores.

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