Relation of Stress in Migraine Attacks

Stress In Migraine Attacks

Excruciating headache which pain is typically confined at one side of the brain is not a simple headache.

If your usually experience crippling pain at one side of your brain which disables you from being productive in the day, well you better evaluate your condition for it can be migraine.

Migraine is a condition that is widely spread all over the world, which occurs to nearly 10% of the world’s entire population. This condition chooses no one to be its patient, as it can affect all people from different age, races, geographical location, sex and socioeconomic status. The studies however say that, this condition occurs 3 times more in women for some reasons. The condition can be inherited, and the severity of the pain and its reoccurrence vary from one patient to another, making each attack really a thing to worry about.

Though there are no studies yet that can pin point the exact cause of migraine, doctors found out some common triggers of its attacks. Usually, triggers don’t just cause an attack; it can also worsen and intensify the pain. Thus, it is very important to identify these triggers to anticipate attacks or even to save your self from the pain it can cause.

Many environmental factors and food allergens have been identified to contribute greatly in the recurrence of migraine attacks. In the case of women, most scientists believe that hormonal changes which are often brought by menstruation are the usual triggers of attack. Thus, it is much difficult to anticipate and cure the pain of the severe headache in women.

Food allergens and environmental factors that often causes stress, make blood vessels in the brain to constrict and swell thus, narrowing the space for the blood to flow. This then leads to a sudden rush of blood into the cells of the brain, which results to an excruciating headache we know as migraine. Also, the structure and defects of the blood vessels can also be blamed in genetics, making migraine an inheritable condition.

Though the medication for the permanent treatment of migraine has not been discovered yet, there are things you can do to minimize the recurrence and severity of each attacks. HRTs or Hormone Replacement Therapy and other estrogen based medications such as pills for example, can trigger hormonal fluctuations in the body, which also leads to occurrence of attacks.

Stress also plays a big role in this condition, has lots of negative effect on the body, and is also believed to trigger severe headaches. Getting enough rest by having a regular sleeping pattern and sleeping for a right period of time can greatly help reduce stress. Also, getting active such as exercising regularly and having a balanced diet can make a huge difference in your body’s health, reducing the risks of painful attacks.

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