Serious Complications of Multiple Myeloma to your Health


Antibodies what keeps us safe from harmful foreign particles such as bacteria and viruses that can carry disease.

Our antibody is mostly made up of plasma cells; a lymphocyte which is derived by B cells that response to the presence of foreign particles like antigens such as bacterium and virus. However, too much production of these plasma cells can also damage the body. Abnormal growth of the number of plasma cells can result to a life-threatening condition called multiple myeloma.

Multiple myeloma happens when these protein based cells grow fast and develop tumor, which develops into a specific type of cancer. This cancer can lead into a number or serious health problems like kidney failure, defects in bones and immune system and abnormal red blood cell counts.

The exact cause of this cancer is actually still vague, and the abnormal and fast multiplication of myeloma cells is yet to be discovered. All we know for know is that, plasma cells are adhesive molecules that target the bone marrow.

The abnormally grown cells can cover the entire bone marrow for up to 10%. Many studies show that this kind of cancer, like most types of cancer, is hereditary. Men on the other hand, are more susceptible to this disease than women.

Multiple myeloma can be very hard to detect, especially on its early stage, as there will be no obvious symptoms that will manifest. Hints though can manifest through thorough look of one’s health like blood tests and urine tests. In the later stages, physical symptoms can be obvious, as it can show up an abnormal growth of the bones, as cancer cells already affect most of the bone marrow.

The illness can also interrupt to the body’s production of red blood cells by making lots of proproteins. This can affect the distribution of nutrients and oxygen to other parts of the body, causing failures to most organs like kidneys.

The first specific target of this type of cancer is the bone, and this is the first part of the body that can get the most damage. Bones becomes brittle and the patient will start to feel back pains. Bones too can not regenerate on its own, making disintegration and fractures very painful and hard to heal.

Also, the calcium particles from the bone that has been eaten by the cancer cells will mix with the blood stream, distributing calcium to parts of the body that don’t really needed that kind of compound nutrient. The complication to the blood resulting from the mixing of calcium is called hypercalcaemia. This illness can lead into many weakening condition like constipation, nausea, weight loss, loss of appetite, frequent urination and excessive thirst.

The integration of the calcium to the red blood cells can also affect white blood cells and platelets, and symptoms from the illness ill manifest on skin. Skin bruises, bose bleeds, unusual gum bleeding, fatigue, shortness of breath, and recurring respiratory infections, bladder infections and chest pains are just some of its crippling complications.

When the calcium-containing blood gets into the kidney, it can damage the organ so easily. The job of the kidney in our body is to regulate the electrolytes, but with the excessive level of toxin like blood with calcium, the kidney will not be able to filter the blood, toxins will be trapped in the organ causing kidney failure.

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