Alternative Ways in Fighting Osteoarthritis

Fighting Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a serious health problem; in fact it is one of the leading causes of disability in any countries around the world. In United States alone, over 20% of the Americans and nearly 50% of Americans beyond age 65 suffer from this disease and its complications.

This disease can be really crippling as it will certainly limit your movements and forbid you from being productive at any given day.

Learning to cope with this degenerative disease is very important to keep mobility. Prescription drugs is very important to lessen the pain caused by osteoarthritis, but if the medications can do any more help, surgical procedures are often advised to save improve the patient’s condition.

In mild cases of this condition, surgical operations are not really needed, therapy sessions, special diet and medications and dietary supplements can do a great help in improving the health of the patient. But if the condition gets worse, surgeries and operations are needed, as most patients are unable to walk, or even stand on their own because of the disease.

The most common procedures done by in this disease is total knee replacement, as knee is usually the first and most common joint that gets damaged because of the illness.

Surgeries may work in improving one’s condition, but it can cost thousands of dollars including its long time medication. Plus, results for this kind of operation take time to show, usually for long months of rehabilitation. Also, surgeries for this kind of illness don’t promise 100% positive results, and not everyone with severe osteoarthritis can have their problems fixed with total knee replacement procedures. So if you don’t want your problem to result into that, you better learn how to fight your condition to get your self healthy.

Medication and self discipline is very important to help save your self from being disabled by this disease. Osteoarthritis may be hard to cure, but there are lots of things you can do to fight the disease.

The leading cause of this disease is the same with most types of health problems, and that is bad lifestyle. The cause of this disease is usually self-inflicted, like obesity. Being overweight contributes greatly in developing osteoarthritis, and the explanation for this is pretty much common sense.

When we are overweight, our legs will have a hard time holding our body’s weight. As gravity pulls us on the ground and legs carries our heavy weight for a long time, our lower body joints, especially the knees, will get stressed.

Cartilages will start to thin, causing ends of our bones to meet and crush each other. Thus, it is very important to cut down your food intake and have a balanced diet to lose some weight.

There are so many treatment procedures and medications used to alleviate the pain brought by this disease. Traditional drugs with or without prescription, surgeries and physical therapy are the common treatments most doctors advise. Some people also opt for noninvasive and alternative medications like Chinese acupuncture, bone, flexibility and muscle strengthening exercises like yoga and tai chi.

It is very important to know all your options, as they might just save your health. Also, getting second or even third opinion will save you from spending thousands of dollars in medical procedures.

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