Coping with Osteoarthritis

Coping with Osteoarthritis

Some patients of osteoarthritis chose surgical repair in hope to bring life to normal, however not all surgical procedures for this kind of disease promise positive results for the patient.

In mild cases, the damaged area may not need surgical operations, as medications, therapy sessions and right lifestyle can make a big improvement. For severe cases however, most doctors advise operations and surgeries.

Some severe cases need total knee replacement, and this can really be a very big pain in the ass, as it can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Surgeries for osteoarthritis don’t promise positive results especially on severe cases, not everyone with such condition can have their problem fixed with operations too. Understanding the severity of the condition, how it attacks and what are the things needed to do to minimize the intensity of the complications through changing into a good lifestyle and use home remedies can be a good way to lessen the problem.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis all over the world. It is a degenerative disease that primarily affects the joints between bones in fingers, knees, hips, spine, neck, back, and thumbs especially the big toe.

The disease damages and breaks the cartilage between joints, causing the ends of the bones to sore and swell, which can be really painful. If the cartilage completely thins out, the bones in the joints will start crushing each other by rubbing together causing inflammation and disabling pain.

Few of the most common cause of this disease are self inflicted, like being over weigh and obesity. It is a simple common sense that when you are overweight, there will certainly be lots of help complications and risks in your health.

Gravity will constantly pull us to the ground, and when you weigh too much for your back, feet and legs to hold, there will come a time that the cartilage between these joints in the lower part of your body can no longer provide support for your bones, leading to serious problems like thinning of the cartilage and crushing of the bones at the joint.

Treatments for osteoarthritis are traditional treatments that are also used for most types of this disease. OTCS or over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, surgery and physical therapy are the common treatments.

Some cases are treated by alternative medicines like the traditional Chinese acupuncture, flexibility and muscle and bone strengthening exercises like tai chi and yoga, and nutritional food supplements.

Aside from these medications, self-discipline also plays a vital role in keeping your body healthy and free from arthritis pain.

  • A good and Quality rest – Resting the affected limb for 12 to 24 hours can greatly help reduce the intensity of pain and inflammation. It you feel that the symptoms are starting to bug you again, it is advisable that you avoid physical activities that requires you to move the affected areas more frequently. If you do repetitive motions in your work, a 10 minute break in your limbs for every hour can be a big help.
  • Be fit- Losing some weight and keeping yourself in shape can save the lower part of your body from carrying heavy body weight. Exercise and proper diet is advised, but make sure you consult your physician and dietician first before starting any fitness programs.

Assistive tools such as cane can be of great help especially if the pain attacks. This may make you look not so cool, but what is important is that you take yourself home.

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